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Mar 6, 2005 05:46 PM

Best roast beef Po Boy

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Who has the best roast beef Po-boy (at lunch) in N.O.?
Would pefer one with horseradish, but not a deal breaker. Thanks.

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    Hungry Celeste

    I can't say that I've ever eaten a roast beef poboy in NOLA with horseradish on it. I like Elizabeth's, Parkway Bakery, and Parasol's for roast beef. If your heart is set on a sandwich with horseradish, try the deli at Martin's Wine Cellar; I think the Steamboat Sandwich is roast beef & horseradish.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      They do have a cold roast beef and a warm roast beef with gravy, right? It's been a while since I've been, and that's usually for Sunday brunch. I've had the one with gravy and I remember it being delicious. I will also put out my vote for Crabby Jack's. Big fan of the bread, the gravy, all of it.

    2. Johnny's in the Quarter, Streetcar Sandwiches if you are up by the zoo, both do a good job..

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      1. re: PETEPOPE

        I'm not sure Streetcar Sandwiches exists any longer. Are they going by a different name?

        1. re: uptownlibrarian

          Liuzza's By the Track has a horseradish sauce.

          1. re: Tonto

            Hopefully Liuzza B T Track's roast beef poboy has improved. Several months ago it was dry and uninspired, which really surprised me.

            1. re: Hungry4Good

              I feel the same way about the BBQ shrimp poboy at Liuzza's BTT--uninspiring But I really dig the garlic oyster poboy.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                With you on that, though there's little in life better than garlic butter!

        2. re: PETEPOPE

          Sadly, Streetcar is long gone. They had the best poboys,though. The blackened redfish was my favorite and the prices were right.

          1. re: calliope

            yeah, sadly departed. Their soft-shell crab po-boys were AWESOME! Shrimp was always good, too.

          2. re: PETEPOPE

            dah, foiled by a zombie thread.

            why can't a delete my post!?

          3. It's. Not. Mother's. Don't believe the hype!

            I used to love Magazine Po-Boy on Magazine close to Washington Uptown for roast beef, but when I was back in town over the winter, I headed up there on my bike very eagerly one day (as I only eat roast beef in the cooler months in New Orleans), and was sadly disappointed. Different owners since Katrina (or before), and a totally different sandwich. Just eh, nothing to make a special trip for.

            I've heard Parkway Bakery is rollin' for roast beef, and Domilse's is always good.

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            1. re: funkjester

              I just went to Magazine St. Poboy and it was yummy. I think they may have gotten the kinks out. I shared a shrimp poboy and a roast beef poboy and they were both really good.

              You should give them another chance.