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Jan 30, 2005 07:05 PM

NO restaurants

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My third trip to the Big Easy. I've been to all the tourist places, Commanders for brunch, K-Pauls and a few of Emeril's restaurants. Currently have 4 nights with the following reservations:
Bayona - Wednesday
Gabrielle's -Thursay
Le Petit Grocery - Friday
Peristyle for Saturday (need to cancel one)

Also - dying to go to Dick and Jenny's or Jacques Imo
(which is better? - one of these nights, or should I go to both?)

So my question is-What reservations to keep, which to cancel and what do you guys recommend?

PS- I like cutting edge food, everything Creole and Cajun, but not too hot on tradional or neo-French

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  1. La Petite is French bistro-type food. Really excellent, but maybe not what you are looking for? Beutiful room too. Bayona is terrific as well, but not Creole or Cajun or particularly La. food. You may be happier with Jacques-Imos or Dick and Jennys.

    1. If novelle is not to your liking, you may want to stick with Brigtsen's over Peristyle. Otherwise, I think that D&J is superior to J-I's, but the problem with both is the no-reservation policy that makes the wait a real crap shoot on any given day, especially week-ends.

      1. have been to both Dick and Jenny as well as Jacque Imo.
        The former is more refined with better food. Jacque Imo is more of a destination for its unique environment but the quality of the food is at the lower end of the restaurants you plan on visiting


        1. Sorry this is probably a little late for you, but I suggest Jacque-Imo's if you want something with a bit more pizazz and if you don't mind a more loud, boisterous place, and Dick and Jenny's if you would like a more quiet place that also has wonderful food. They're both great and my favorites!