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Dec 5, 2004 10:11 AM

Restaurants you wouldn't recommmend

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We always have these "Top 5" lists, so how about a bottom five:

5. Bayona
4. Copelands, or his cheesy bistro
3. Miyako (St. Charles Location)
2. Ye Olde College Inn
1. Marisol (Would not ever make someone suffer through this place)

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  1. I disagree with you completely about Bayona and Marisol, though I've been to Marisol far less frequently than Bayona, and don't have as firm an opinion. Why don't you like either place?

    I steer people away from the Pearl, on St. Charles near Canal. I used to eat there all the time, but stopped going when the service went to hell, and the fried seafood became completely tasteless. All that, and it's expensive.


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    1. re: Robert

      Bottom of my list :

      Anything Emerils
      Palace Cafe
      Central Grocery (Napoleon House is so much better for Muffs)


      1. re: Yvette

        Oh, Yvette. I disagree about Napoleon House's muffs. They're heated up and the fat in the meat and the cheese all melts together and all you hvae is one big gloppy mess!

        Much of the taste of the cured meats used in muffs is in the fat. By melting and mixing the fats you sort of combine all the flavors and lose the delicious distinctions of what's in each bite of meat and cheese.

        But really, the central problem with not recommending Central Grocery because in your opinion, Napoleon House muffs are so much better, is that each restaurant should stand on it's own merits. That Napoleon House muffs are good does not mean that Central Grocery muffs are bad. I would have to dislike something specific about Central Grocery muffs to make me say that I would not recommend them.

        1. re: Amanda

          OK, my turn!
          1.Jacques-Imos (nasty attitude)
          2.Sid-Mar (greasy as it gets)
          3.Pelican Club (mediocre at best)
          4.Palace Cafe (except for the duck)
          5.Clancy's (I never got it..)

          1. re: Vinny Clams

            Antoine's: Too bad to describe without offending those of delicate sensibilities

            Nola: I wanted to like it...but to be honest I just didn't think the food was very good.

            Commanders: The emperor has no clothes. VERY average food and industrial service. Except for brunch (which is good) I'd NEVER waste a meal at CP.

            Central Grocery: Are you kidding? The muffs are so salty and olive-dominated as to be nearly impossible to get down. Horrid.

            Upperline: Vastly overated cooking. You can tell they *think* they have grand cuisine....a sort of snooty...aren't you lucky to be eating here...attitude. But to be honest, the cooking is amateurish.

            1. re: yuyu

              Antione's. Good gravy, why do people go there. I ordered a filet, RARE, and got it well-done. I sent it back and got another one, maybe the same one, BURNED. I was a guest at a business dinner, but this was just too much to be polite and eat it.

              I sent it back again and said, bring me some crab or something. By now everyone else had nearly finished. I got some indifferent soft-shell crab and a glare from the waiter. If I had been paying, no tip for you.

              1. re: Pete Oldtown

                Well if you order steak at Antoine's you get what you deserve! I have never understood the fascination with steak some people have.

                1. re: bywatertim

        , just that some people like steak? mebbe? i was recently (2011) at a dinner at Antoine's and while i had fish, someone else had steak and it was terrible. one would think a war horse like Antoine's would know how to cook a filet. they used to be a business destination, you know.

                  sauce was nice, tho.

              2. re: yuyu

                I totally agree about commander's: I worked there, and the emperor HAS no clothes. Totally apt.

                I hesitate to agree with the condemnation of Upperline. I've always appreciated both the atmosphere and the food.

            2. re: Amanda

              touche' each his own. I prefer my muffs heated. There was a big debate going on during the summer on another New Orleans board about this. I think your arguement was the one people used who like it cold.

              I also like my poorboy bread heated.

              I guess that is my only specific of not recommending it, the heat.


              PS I respect your opinions and posts on this board.

              1. re: Yvette

                Yvette, I didn't see this for a long time. I apologize.

                I prefer my po-boy with heated bread if it's a cooked filling and with cold bread if it's a cold cut or combination (ham and cheese). I also like those hot-pressed Cuban Sandwiches.


              2. re: Amanda

                I LOVE Jacque-Imo's - some of the best food ever in New Orleans. No problems with service, but maybe it's because we know to go early and avoid weekends. Love their simple spinach salad with a fat oyster (anyone have the recipe?), alligator cheesecake, catfish, eggplant stuffed with seafood...and, of course, cornbread.

              3. re: Yvette
                Hungry Celeste

                Oh, this is fun...
                --Crazy Johnny's in Fat City
                --Country Flame
                --Court of Two Sisters

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Celeste, I like Country Flame but I could almost have put Court of Two Sisters on my list.

                  1. re: Amanda

                    Yeah I totally forgot about that tourist trap! My poor dad is a sucker for their buffet though (its awful).

                    1. re: Fat Harry

                      So you want to divulge why you put Bayona and Marisol on your list? Because I'm having a hard time taking you seriously without an explanation. No offense.


                      1. re: Robert

                        Sure. The service at Bayona was pretentious and slow and I did not like the food. There are many better places for the money.

                        As for Marisol, the waiters are obnoxious and just weird. One asked if they could join our party afterwards, and then implied that he was on drugs. The food outrageously expensive for what you get. A duck confit salad for $9 that is maybe 5 bites? Not worth it. Foie gras that looks like an oily leech and tastes like it? No thanks.

                        And I really don't care if you take me seriously or not. I would not recommend these establishments. There are just far better places to go.

                        1. re: Fat Harry

                          Fair enough. My experiences at both places have been different. So different, in fact, that I did not understand your opinions. Now I do. I still disagree, but now I know why, and can judge accordingly in the future if I read a recommendation you've made.


                          1. re: Fat Harry

                            OH MY GOD!!!!! NINE WHOLE DOLLARS FOR A SALAD!!!!
                            That and one of the best foie gras preparation I've ever had is the basis for your complaint?

                            Petentious service at Bayona? What "Bayona"did you go to?

                            1. re: Fat Harry

                              Let me tell you about my last two experiences at Bayona. Sometime over the summer the restaurant advertised $14 lunch specials to celebrate its 14th anniversary. However, the lunch menu made no mention of the special, so we inquired with our waiter who advised that the special included any salad and any lunch entree for the $14. Soon afterwards we each ordered a salad and an entree. No complaints about the food, quite good. When the bill came we noticed we were charged full price for salads and entrees. We pointed this out to the waiter who very snottily replied that if we had wanted the special we should have told him so when we ordered so that we would not have gotten "giant sized" salads. When we reminded that we had indeed asked about the special, he offered no apology. Despite our enjoyment of the food, we left a very bad impression of the restaurant because this pissy POS waiter made us feel cheap.

                              More recently, I went there for lunch with a "regular." One of the entrees was not up to par. The wait staff and the management was very apologetic and accomodating with the bill. My faith in Bayona was renewed.

                              Morale of the story for those who run restaurants... do not tolerate poor wait staff because the quality of the food will not overcome poor service, no matter how good it is.

                      2. re: Yvette

                        I agree on two, out of four. All things Emeril have played very well with me, as has Palace Cafe. OTOH, I have yet to see the attraction of either Mother's or CG, but that is just me and MY palate.


                      3. I disagree about Bayona as well. I think it should be in the top five! I have never been to Marisol, but certainly have never heard it should be in the bottom 5??

                        1. I'll play!

                          1. Elizabeth's
                          2. Brennan's
                          3. Acme Oyster
                          4. Felix
                          5. Emeril's Delmonico

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                          1. re: Teke

                            1. Clancy's
                            2. Any restaurant owned or operated by Al Copeland.
                            3. St. Charles Tavern
                            4. Domilise's
                            5. Ye Olde College Inn

                            Honestly, IMO almost all of the better restaurants in New Orleans have something to recommend them. And a coterie of loyal supporters that do recommend them. All have strong points and weak points, whether it's the service, snobbishness, clubbyness, price, quality/uneven quality of the food, etc. There are very few places that I feel are so bad that I would not recommend them in any circumstances.

                            1. re: Amanda

                              Why is the St charles Tavern not recommended? I have read somewhere else that it's reasonably priced and the food is pretty good.

                              1. re: Amanda

                                I have been away from NO for several years, but the College Inn was always a Saturday night fave after a Tulane game with my Grampa. What has changed to make it a bottom five on so many lists here? Has the new ownership done that poorly of a job? I ask about the ownership because it is owned by an alumnus of my high school.

                                1. re: vees

                                  Amanda's post was from Dec 2004. post-K, there have many changes to Ye Olde College Inn. all reports I hear are that it is good.

                                  1. re: vees

                                    We had a very nice dinner at Ye Olde College Inn with my cousin and her husband on Saturday night. She had made reservations at 7:30 and we were seated promptly. It was quite packed with families and had she not made reservations, there is no telling when we would have been seated.

                                    Three out of the four of us had Oysters Blue as starters, flashed fried and sprinkled liberally with Blue Cheese. I had the Shrimp Remoulade on top of fried green tomatoes.

                                    We all had the special - Herb crusted Redfish with a light herb topping. The fish was moist and flaky. The mashed potatoes were a bit salty for me though they didn't bother my potato loving Scottish husband.

                                    Service was efficient though stretched a bit thin. I would have had a second glass of wine with dinner but the waiter never came back to ask. We had a nice leisurely meal and never had to scream to be heard even thought the dining room was packed.

                                    Other than Nagin walking in the dining room like he was Chris Paul during the starting line up intros, raising his arms in air until he realized no one was impressed, it was a very nice meal.

                                    1. re: serich

                                      Your Nagin comment made me laugh out loud. I went to Ye Old last year because it was late and their kitchen stays open til 11. I thought it was pretty good basic food and nice staff.
                                      1) Commanders
                                      2) Antiones
                                      3) Nirvana
                                      4) Filipe's
                                      5) Buds Broiler

                                      Buds Broiler
                                      2929 N Causeway Blvd, Metairie, LA 70002

                              2. Disagree about Marisol also, my absolute fave. Some of the absolute best food anywhere.
                                As far as not recommending?

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                                1. re: Ren

                                  Now you guys have me really confused!!! These restaurants are usually so highly recommended!!

                                2. Michaud's...probably the worst meal we have eaten anywhere.

                                  Brennan's. Breakfast is overpriced and not at all memorable. Tourists flock to it, but I bet only once. Not even in the same league of awfulness as Michaud's, tho.

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                                  1. re: sudiepav
                                    Hungry Celeste

                                    If you mean Michaul's on St. Charles, I wholeheartedly agree. Add the Mulate's on Convention Center Blvd to the list too!

                                    1. re: Hungry Celeste

                                      I did mean Michaul's...thx for correcting me. I want to be sure I never stumble into there again!

                                      1. re: sudiepav

                                        Came across this topic while browsing here my first day with Chowhound. Made me chuckle - ain't it grand that there are so many points of view! My husband and I have lived here for two years now and eat out a LOT! A few places we will never set foot in again:

                                        Arnauds - for exactly the reasons stated in one of the first messages here.

                                        Mother's - Good grief! What is the attraction?

                                        Pascal Menales - Best bbq shrimp in town? Not by a long shot. Alpine (hated by one of the posters) has much better, and Deanie's on the Lake is great for that as well. Although the amount of food served is staggering.


                                        As for Cajun Cabin and Mulates - we have been to both several times - for the music and to watch the dancing. Food was never an issue. Uniformly mediocre at both, but that's not the point.

                                        1. re: chezjulia

                                          Love Pascal's BBQ shrimp, but maybe because I don't know any better. St. Louis, MO, is lucky to have a Red Lobster. (pretty bad, too) I started looking to see what was open so when we come down in the spring we won't have to cook.

                                          1. re: jo-ann

                                            Try the BBQ Shrimp at the real Deanie's in Bucktown. Their quality disappeared several years ago, but if they make their BBQ Shrimp correctly, it is many times better than PM's. PM's is basically a bowl of unseasoned boiled shrimp submerged in salad oil.

                                      2. re: Hungry Celeste

                                        Does anyone know if the Cajun Cabin in the FQ on Bourbon is any better than the abominable Michaul's or Mulate's (embarrassed to admit I've eaten there twice as a tourist - shame on me - but never again!!!)

                                        1. re: Christine
                                          Hungry Celeste

                                          Music at the Cajun Cabin can be great, depending on who's playing, but the food is strictly for tourists.