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Oct 19, 2004 12:05 AM

Chocolate Desserts

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We will be in NO for 6 nights next month (first time, looking forward to some good eats) ... have perused many menus but have not seen a lot of "killer" chocolate desserts. I like bread pudding and pecan pie well enough, but for my wife and myself chocolate is king. Any suggestions on where we can find a healthy variety of great chocolate desserts? Thanks!

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  1. Unfortunately, New Orleans isn't really known for its plethora of chocolate desserts. My personal favorite dessert in the city happens to be of the chocolate variety, though. Herbsaint does a Warm Chocolate Beignet that is a chocoholic's dream. I suggest you give it a try.


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      Thanks for the tips, we'll be sure to try them!

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        Anyone know any New Orleans/Metairie Cafes (not restaurants) that have good chocolate desserts??? Thanks.

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          Another SF Hound

          I hope you do, I've now been to Herbsaint twice for business dinners and the chocolate beignets have been a favorite around the table both times. I also enjoyed the chocolate pecan pie, with a dark chocolate ganache layer below the pecans (best of both worlds!), but some found it too sweet.

      2. Gerard Maras (now at Ralph's on the Park) does the best molten chocolate desert that I have every had.

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          Haven't tried that one, but the molten chocolate cake at Marisol is excellent as well. I also liked the chocolate beignets and mousse at Bayona.

          And the chocolate pecan pie at Camellia, of course.

        2. The 'Peppermint Patti' at Gabrielle. A rich, fudgy brownie-like cake with yummy chocolate sauce and delicous peppermint ice cream. It is to die for!

          1. Seconds on the Bayona rec below, and one of my own: the chocolate mousse at Antoine's--a true, great chocolate experience.

            1. I need a rich, chocolatey, chocolate pie. Anybody have a favorite to share?