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Oct 14, 2004 03:30 PM

Ted's Frostop(s) near Tulane??

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I know I'm dense, but are there two Frostops right near each other, one on Claiborne near Calhoun and one on Calhoun near Claiborne? It seems so, but it also seems they are amazingly close to each other if so.

Is it a misery to walk there from the St Charles streetcar? It seems a 15 to 20 minute walk.

Thanks very much,


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  1. One's a Frostop, the other is a Bud's Broiler. The walk from the streetcar terminus wouldn't be bad, maybe 8 blocks.

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    1. re: foodmuse

      No, no, no. There's a Frostop on Jefferson Highway and one on S. Caliborne and Calhoun. I don't believe there is any other store of that chain (Ted's Touch Systems is the company name) left.

      If you're taking the streetcar, what you should do is transfer to the Nashville bus and take that to S. Claiborne, it's only three blocks or so over to Calhoun Street. Or, if you're coming from downtown anyway, take the South Claiborne bus from Canal and Magazine or from down by the Casino/Poydras Street and it'll drop you off feet from teh Frostop.

      It might be 12-14 blocks from Carrollton and Claiborne to Calhoun and S. Caliborne (check, the neighborhood is okay back there if you're considering that aspect. Of course, you could take the streetcar to Carrollton and Claiborne and transfer to the South Claiborne inbound.

      1. re: Amanda

        KOK, just for the sake of argument, I'd recommend Bud's Broiler over the Frostop. But I must admit that my argument is based on the fact that, in four years at Tulane, I never ate at Ted's (though I obviously walked past it plenty of times) but enjoyed many a Bud's burger.

        1. re: Newcomb Girl
          Hungry Celeste

          Well, the roast beef can be tough and the gravy's a little gluey, but the price is right. I generally just get a root beer (excellent, in a frozen mug) and some waffle fries. In my poorer days, I used to eat the plate lunches, but their only redeeming value is/always was the $3.50 price tag. It's a good place to see blue collar types and students; also has beer & video poker, if that's your thing.

          Aside: the Bayou Bagelry next door has excellent chicken salad (the non-mayo kind).

          1. re: Newcomb Girl

            Thanks for the tip. Perhaps a Bud's burger and a frosty roor bewer from Frostop : )


            1. re: Newcomb Girl

              fyi, Frostop's has been revamped by its new owners. using the orig Frostop recipe now, and fresher burgers.

              on my list but havent tried post change.

        2. There is only one Frostop left in Orleans Parish, and it's the one on Calhoun (right off of S. Claiborne).

          Forget all that bus nonsense, who rides the bus??? You can easily walk through Tulane's campus from St. Charles to Claiborne and you will end up right there by the Frostop. It will take around 20 mins to walk the campus, and it's a hell of a lot more scenic than a New Orleans public bus!

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          1. re: Fat Harry

            Harry, don't you agree that all alternatives should be explored?

          2. I guess this all begs the question of why the heck do you want to go to Frostop anyway? Some sort of nostalgia at work? Just wondering.

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            1. re: Jess

              The Frostop is great! The Yatwich is a poboy to be reckoned with, and I love the fact that they now have Ms. Wheat's meat pies. And the Barq's in a frosted mug...mmmm.

              1. re: Jess

                Mostly because like Havana Club rum (from Cuba) or Louisiana Gold hot sauce, it's not something I have here (D.C./Baltimore). There are one or two Stewarts Root Beer Drive-Inns here, but no Frostop. And love em or hate em, no Krystal burgers.

                When I visit NOLa, I like going to places most tourists don't go (Parkway, Angelo Brocato, Foodies) and I read about Frostop on this board, hence my curiosity.

                I may end up saying "eh", but I'm sure it will exude color and I'm sure I won't be sorry if I go. And even if it's horrible, a piece of pecan pie at Camelia Grill isn't far away : )

                Go Green Wave!



              2. I walked it on Sunday, pretty day and not a bad walk. Easier on Napoleon or Claiborne bus route, Tulane shuttle stop within a block. The side of Frostop is on Calhoun and it faces Claiborne. Next to Naked Pizza, across from Tulane Baseball stadium. Don;t miss the real frostop rootbeer!

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                1. re: atgernsbacher

                  Frostop is under new management and I"m hearing good things...

                  1. re: fat harry

                    Definitely, they scrapped the pre-formed frozen patty and make them by hand now, they use the same meat as Camelia Grill. The shakes are good also, blue bell. I like it better than true burger. And they redid the restrooms using marble and granite. Kinda feels like you are at the Roosevelt when you close the door.

                2. This is one of the stranger re-animated zombie threads in a while....I'll be in that neighborhood next month, and'll give it a go. Report to follow.