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Oct 11, 2004 06:34 PM

looking for outstanding sushi

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I just moved back south from Boston, and I am looking for great high end sushi/Japanese. The best "new age" sushi I've had was at Boston's Clio (live scallop sashimi, Kumamoto oysters, baby squid, wild salmon, kobe beef), this includes my trips to Nobu in NYC. I am looking for Monkfish liver (ankimo), hamachi collar, jumbo lump crab or dungeness crab, fresh wasabi, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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  1. I would call Kanno in Metairie and talk to the chef. Although, sometimes speaking to them in person is easier.

    They are very accomodating and seem eager to please. If they do not have it they may be able to get it for you.

    This is my new favorite sushi place.

    1. While I wouldn't call it "new age" sushi at all, I don't think you can beat Horinoya on Poydras. They definitely have ankimo (ninja usually does too), and they generally have a larger selection of interesting fish (kanpachi, suzuki, etc.) than other places in town. I saw hotate on the specials board at Ninja over the weekend, though i did not order it, so you might be able to get your scallop fix there if you hurry.

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        Hungry Celeste

        I second Horinoya. While it isn't nouvelle sushi, it does have reliably fresh fish, often local gulf fish. It's sparklingly clean and quiet, with tatami rooms in the back. Make friends with the chef, and he'll make you happy.

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          Kanno in Metarie, although strip-mall chic, has the best sushi I have had in the city, despite its suburban location.

          I am also a big fan of Tokyo Bistro, although I do not think of it as cutting edge

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            I second Kanno, but don't bring anyone who is so-so sushi. This is the real deal. Place is small. Food is fresh.

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        Ricey Mc Fishmann

        Although I dont go there any more, Sake Cafe was the only one to offer fresh Wasabi. Its so rare that I dont even think most people know to ask for it. In fact it wasnt even fresh grated it came in a plastic cylinder but it was the real thing nonetheless.. Most places have the yellowtail neck or Salmon neck and some will have the fresh baby octopus. I go to Hana most of the time.

        1. Do not miss Kanno. It is located in Fat City in the strip mall across from the strip clubs close to the exotic clothing store :). We refer to it as stripper sushi.
          It is just Elvis (the sushi chef),his wife, and his mother.
          We ask Elvis to start making dishes and we will tell him when to stop.
          Trust him.
          He is wonderful. We have never had the same dish twice and we have loved every bite. It is so hard to not request previous dishes, but you're scared to miss his next creation.
          So.... if you are looking for the best sushi in New Orleans and you have an adventurous side, this is it.
          If you are visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras give them a call before you go.... they get out of town to avoid the craziness and go home to Japan for a couple of weeks.
          The last time we visited we took three guests from Los Angeles. None of them have eaten better sushi. Kanno's card boast "California Style Sushi" - the consensus amongst them was that no one in California has sushi as good as this.
          And don't miss the chocolates at the end of the meal. It is a sweet, cold, fudgy, dark, soft chocolate rolled in cocoa powder. mmmmmmm

          1. No where, but Kanno is best that I've had since moving back from NYC...haven't tried Horinoya yet.