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May 27, 2004 01:01 PM

a great bowl of chowder in seattle

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so, i'm on a quest for good clam chowders in seattle. i've looked on the board and i've asked friends but we've come up with only a few (you'd think i'd know more about this since i grew up here and love clam chowder!).

i'm looking for new england style with no bacon.

from the board i found suggestions of jack's fish spot, chinooks, wallys (down south), and pike place chowder but i don't know if these have bacon.

any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. I really liked the chowder at Steamer's Cafe, located right on the waterfront! They also have great mahi mahi tacos!!

    I tasted my daughter's chowder at a small cafe on Post Alley, it was really good but I don't know the name of the place. We sat outside, it was right in the midst of a very busy tourist section. ***kim***

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    1. re: kim c

      That was probably Pike Place Chowder which is terrific. They give samples so you can taste before you buy. I don't remember if it has bacon or not.

      1. re: kiliki
        Bob in Shoreline

        Pike Place Chowder's clam chowder has bacon in it, according to the brochure I read on the table as I was eating my bowl of seafood bisque there the other day. Which, by the way, was quite delicious, even more so than the clam chowder, IMHO.

        1. re: Bob in Shoreline

          Pike Place Chowder has a selection of fish soups, so it's fun to try a different one each time (I agree about the bisque). Their salads are great too!

    2. Although I'm not a HUGE fan of the restaurant I recently picked up the Ray's Boathouse cookbook (have to support the local industry) and made their chowder recipe the other weekend. While I thought the chowder was very good a couple folks that tried it raved about it being the best ever.

      There was no bacon or non-clam meat products in the recipe.

      I'd suggest trying Ray's Cafe upstairs and if you dig it buy the book. =)

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      1. re: Seattle Todd

        how is the rest of that book? i have been thinking about picking it up.

      2. I know its sort of corporate, but I very much like the chowder at McCormicks on 4th and columbia. I am pretty sure it is bacon free.

        1. I can give a strong recommendation for Duke's Chowder House too (no bacon in the clam chowder) plus the Lobster Pernod chowder is to die for.

          Also a thumbs up for Ray's.


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          1. re: John Eddy

            I've never been to Duke's, but the thought of Lobster Pernod chowder sounds amazingly good! Can you elaborate? I might make a special trip for that.

            1. re: John Eddy

              Duke's chowder has bacon in it, they freely distribute their recipe at their restaurants. Bacon is the first ingredient.

            2. got the chowder at jack's this weekend and it was very good, though not creamy (they called it northwest style) which is my favorite. i'd say it could have used more actual clam chunks but perhaps that was just my particular cup. The best part - no meat products in any of their dishes!

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              1. re: jlbs

                Glad you liked Jack's - I love the random cioppino there. You never know what delight they will use for that fine soup. For a creamy chowder, try Market Chowder, just up Post Alley behind Jacks. They have several tasty fish soups and chowders there.