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Jul 19, 2004 07:58 AM

New Orleans Seafood in a Bucket

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I was at a southern restaurant one time where they brought me out my meal in a 10 quart metal bucket. Crawfish, shrimp, corn, potatoes, etc steamed in a bucket. Any such place in New Orleans???

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  1. I've never heard of a local restauarant serving boiled or fried seafood in a metal tub. I don't get it, what's the attraction?

    The metal tub thing seems like phenomenon fron a different food culture. Kind of a southern thing, maybe? New Orleans is not particularly southern, if you know what I mean.

    We eat our seafood on newspaper table cloths and some restaurants serve fried seafood in a hollowed out, toasted loaves of bread but I've never heard of serving seafood a metal bucket, although I've been to seafood boils at homes and camps where people put the boiled seafood in a galvanized tub.

    Maybe there's some such restaurant that uses the metal tub shtick and one of the other posters has heard of it.

    What was the attraction of the metal tub?

    Good luck.

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    1. re: Amanda

      I guess the attraction was that you were getting such a large quantity of food. It was supposed to be for two people but I was traveling alone. The cook came out to tell me that it was too much food. Not really! You had your corn cobs and your shrimp discardings and there's not much in a crawfish. There were also sausage which I didn't eat. It was in a Cajun restaurant in San Antonio. The place had the roof coming off and a huge fake alligator coming out the roof. It was a really neat shack but it was closed up the next time I went back. Have never been to New Orleans and am looking to find a place like that!

      1. re: woodsylady

        Well, if you're just in the market for a boil-shack, we can certainly hook you up here. My personal favorite is Sal's over on the westbank off Barataria blvd. It's a dilapated, smokey roadhouse with great boiled crab and crawfish. No galvanized bucket of stuff, though, so you'd have to order your mix a la carte. Crabs come singlely, crawfish & shrimp by the pound, and the sides by the order, each of which is enough for 3 or 4 people to share. Admittedly, it would be difficult for you to get the same range of items without over-ordering, at least on the sides.

        All of Hungry Celeste's alternative recs should do you right, too; but due in large part to the solidity of their physical plants, they lack the roadside shack appeal of Sal's.

        1. re: woodsylady

          "Cajun Resteraunt in San Antonio"
          Now here's what drives people like myself who live in New orleans NUTS!
          Our rich Louisiana culture and cuisine is mis-represented and turned in to cartoon version of what it really is. I mean come on, do you want to discover something new and genuine, or a mockery such as you've described?
          Alligators popping out of the roof ? If thats what you really want, fine it's your money. Just look for Tourist traps with gaudy decore filled with people wearing fanny packs.
          I will not, however be true Louisiana cusine, by any measure.

      2. Part II

        There hardly any steamed seafood here, anyway. All boiled in heavy, peppery seasoning.

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        1. re: Amanda
          Hungry Celeste

          Tons of neighborhood-y restaurants serve BOILED seafood with corn & potatoes...Sid-Mar's, Harbor Seafood, Perino's, The Galley, Jaeger's at west end, etc etc.

          The only one I can recall that steams rather than boils is Visko's in Gretna. 500 block of Gretna Blvd.

        2. Joe's Crabshack used to serve food in metal buckets.

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          1. re: NOgirl

            But don't go there if you're looking for good louisiana seafood. Or good food in general. The bucket, though, it has.

            1. re: Jessi

              I agree...don't go there for the food.

          2. I know that Cannon's (4100 block of St. Charles, near Napolean) Restaurant DOES serve a bucket of seafood. I have never eaten there, and have heard mixed reviews, but I am positive that they are one of the few restaurants that has what you are looking for. From time to time, they have a banner hanging up outside advertising the seafood bucket. Give them a call.



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