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Feb 3, 2004 09:39 AM

Would you consider Napoleon House, Maison Dupuy or Louis 14th...

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nice, classy places to have a wedding? How is the food at these places? A few of these got bad reviews as hotels on the web, but I am wondering how they are considered for wedding locales? I live up north and may not be able to come down and see these in person. I am not expecting these to be comparable to a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton, but want to ensure they are classy, beautiful places with good food and good reputations for my small destination wedding.

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  1. Napoleon House would be okay in some respects but it's not a hotel and I'm not sure how big their private rooms really are. Courtyard is lovely but very small.

    The Maison Dupuy may not be much as a hotel but it has a big time restaurant in Dominique's, with fabulous food and one of the top younger chefs in New Orleans.
    Dominique is of French heritage, a native of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. he's fascinated with Caribbean culinary techniques and flavors. The food, as I said, is fabulous but will be expensive. You'd need a very high end budget to stage a wedding there.

    Louis XVI may be your best bet. They're part of a small chain of French Quarter hotels, so they may have more options as far as available private ball rooms of the right size and there's a very good restaurant of the same name.

    My wedding is coming up in June at the Fairmont Roosevelt, just outside the Quarter and right off Canal Street.

    In thinking about this for a moment, it occurs to me that one place you might like to call and see whether they have facilities suitable for the wedding or reception would be The Richelieu. I've no experience other than an occasional business guest has stayed there and they have a samll restaurant. I don't know about their catering facilities or policies but they might be worth checking out. It's out of the way, in the lower end of the Quarter, 1200 Chartres St, I think.

    There have been a couple of threads about wedding facilites in and near the Quarter recently. You should check them out.

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      suprisingly, the receptions at maison dupuy are very affordable- like a third of the price than up here.

      thank you for your help/opinions. i appreciate it.

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        Well, I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that! I have just automatically written Dominique's off as a catering option. This merits some research. Of course, what's a third off somewhere may be a third more somewhere else. But thank you for that piece of information, my little brain is already ticking!

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          I realize this response is a little late, but I found this while poking around. I would definitely second the suggestion to check out Le Richelieu. It's in a quiet, more residential part of the Quarter and is by far the best balance of quality/budget as far as hotels go. To give you an idea of the quality, Paul McCartney lived there for about two months (Post-Beatles). It's definitely above average, and far more charming than the chains. I'm not sure about their facilities for something like a wedding, but I would assume that they match the quality of the hotel. My other suggestion would be the Fairmont, but that is quite a step up in budget. Hope this made it to you in time. Good Luck!

    2. Napoleon House has a much coveted banquet room upstairs that is beautiful and classy to say the least. Very New Orleans feel, the apartments are available nightly. The coordiators are extremely helpful and cant go wrong....

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        I hope they got married by now. It has been 3 years

      2. Really, the Soniat House is the best place in the Quarter.