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Jan 11, 2004 07:38 AM

Chez Helene

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I read recently in "Food and Wine" that Austin Leslie was at a new restaurant. What happened to Chez Helene?

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  1. Austin Leslie is at Jacques-Imo's which gets a lot of coverage here on this board.


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      My father-in-law soon-to-be told me that Chez Helene closed in the late '80's, after relocating to the lakefront area because of high crime in Treme. He and Mama Gina were regulars there in the '60's and '70's. They were very fond of one of the hostesses, Kathy, who still occasionally drives by with treats from her family, mirliton's and blackberry preserves and such.

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        If this is the restaurant that inspired the Frank's Place tv show, I ate there on a visit to NO in 1993. I recall it being in a sketchy neighborhood, but not being near any bodies of water.

    2. Austin Leslie died just after Hurricane Katrina. Indeed he had been at Jacques-Imo's with Jacques Leonardi but had left and opened his own place. I took a cooking class from him in July 2005 where he showed us how to make his amazing fried chicken.

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        He landed at Pampy's soon after leaving Jacque-Imo's.

        Here's an article from 5/05