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Dec 23, 2003 09:46 AM


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I will be in town on a Monday, have a party of 14, and wanted to see what people think of Arnaud's. It looks like it has received good reviews and has a strong cajun influence. Nevertheless, I know people in this chatroom dine out in NO frequently.

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  1. Love Arnaud's. Will be there Sunday for their brunch and again on New Year's Eve for dinner. We go to NO twice a year and we never miss Arnaud's. Enjoy!!

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    1. re: donna
      Tha Groovin' Gourmet

      Ya talked me into it!

      We have a reservation for Saturday night. Looking forward to dressing up!

      This is a splurge trip, so we are staying at Hotel Monaco...within walking distance of everywhere we want to eat except Brigtsen's!

    2. Hey Darin, a trip to NOLA is not complete without a traditional N'Awlins restaurant experience. Out of the most famous, I personally recommend Galatiore's. Antoine's is overrated. And to your question, Arnaud's always delivers on 'ol New Orleans ambience, attentive service and, most importantly, the food. There's two "gotta haves" -- the souffle potatoes (otherworldly) and the Cafe Brulot (coffee with a floor show). Pompano is great. Turtle Soup is a classic. And the Oysters Bienville are a tradition. Bon Appetit !

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          yea, but I figured it was time for him to come back.

      1. Many people, when they think "New Orleans," think "Cajun," but like New Orleans' other old-guard restaurants, Arnaud's is Creole. To understand the difference between Creole and Cajun, scroll to the bottom of this thread:

        Arnaud's is lovely. Be sure to end your meal with flaming Cafe Brulot, and pay a visit to the small Mardi Gras exhibit upstairs.

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        1. re: BrooksNYC

          Dont forget to do your drinking at one of Arnauds great bars

          1. re: joedontexan

            So glad Joe mentioned that! It's worth phoning ahead to find out when Chris Hannah is tending bar at Arnaud's 75. Mr. Hannah is one of the city's star bartenders.

            Arnaud's 75 Bar (next door to the restaurant)

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              As I have stated so many times on this forum, Arnauds is a great place for dinner and prior to dinner, you should have a drink in the bar and regradless of who is there , Chris or Tito, you'll have have a really good time. Try it, you'll like it