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Jun 5, 2003 01:52 AM

Which brand of coffee & chicory is best?

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Not being a coffee drinker myself, I need some help from my fellow New Orleanian Chowhounds on which brand of coffee and chicory is the best. In two weeks, I'll be traveling to Boston; my friends would like me to bring "crawfish and coffee and chicory!!"

So, what is your favorite brand of coffee and chicory?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. I generally stick to pure coffee but the brand of both pure and chicpory I prefer is French Market (American Coffee Company). You'll see it in red bags. Not to be confused with CDM.

    Union also makes a good one. Green bags.

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    1. re: Hazelhurst

      Union (with French Market a distant second)


      1. re: Creole
        hungry celeste

        I like Community's New Orleans blend, with CDM second best. Community's a very philanthropic company, which is nice, too.

        1. re: hungry celeste

          I use the Community Coffee New Orleans Blend myself. I think it makes the perfect cup of joe! My husband (who doesn't drink much coffee) prefers Union - however I find it a little bit too strong for me - probably perfect for a cafe au lait - cutting it w/ half milk - but a bit much for straight up coffee.
          Sometimes I blend a little union with my Community Coffee for an extra kick. (can you tell I LOVE coffee! - I never travel without a brick of New Orlean's blend)

          1. re: Tea4Two

            Another vote here for Community Coffee's N.O. Blend. Make it STRONG - at least 2 tablespoons of coffee per cup of water. It's no good if made weak.

            1. re: Doc

              OK, I'll weigh in agin here.....I'd thought to post that Union Coffee was more akin to the Old Style Chicory of long ago. French Market is a little more "refined" in its Chicory blend (but it is still the best as Pure Coffee). Union is the Old School and it ain't bad at all....except that no one drips coffee anymore and Union suffers in a Mr Coffee--hell, ANY coffee suffers in such a contraption.

              It is a matter of taste, of course. Union coffee, much beloved by myself, is a cry from the Olde Days.

              I wonder if your friends in New York crave Coffee and Chicory or are just (merely)curious to try it? If the case is the latter, well, the anser is easy. Send them Union, French MArket, Community and so forth.

              I hate to disappoint others on the board but, to me, Community has always been a thin-roast and their NO stuff is, well, Copy-cat. It ain't bad, mind you, but it is not what coffee should be....Still, it's a Hell of a goddamn lot better that whatever garbage one finds in most "Gourmet" sections of shops these days.

              1. re: Hazelhurst

                Well, you've convinced me, Hazelhurst ... I'm going to try Union. After reading your message, I realized I really only drink Community because my parents did (how New Orleanian is that?) and it has been tasting a trifle thin lately. I'll let you know what I think of the Union.

                On a humorous note, anybody seen the price for a pound of Community Coffee at the airport gift shops? $12!!!!

                1. re: Doc

                  Thanks to all who helped me out by telling me which brand of coffee and chicory you prefer. Since Union and Community New Orleans Blend were the top two, I bought both of them. The post about an airport shop charging $12 for Community was both funny and sad--I only paid $2.50 for a big ole bag! Those airport shops really gouge your eyes out!

            2. re: Tea4Two

              Can you get these coffee online? Could you let me know of of a URL from where I could by these brands of coffee--both Union and Community New Orleans? I'm from the windy city Chicago, and the only brand I tried was the Cafe Du Monde, which I liked just fine. Would you say that CDM brand tastes milder like Community New Orleans Blend or more like the Union brand? Which one would you recommend for some like me? I tend to prefer milder tasting coffee like the Starbucks morning blends. Thank you!

      2. Union is the best. And pick up a cold drip toddy from the French Market Coffee office in the Warehouse District. Community is the worst of the bunch, but many drink it. It's cheaper. Cafe du Monde is 2nd best and Luzianne and French Market tie for a very close third. Any of those top 4 will make you a great cup of coffee.