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Apr 12, 2003 09:24 AM

Crawfish confusion

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Please straighten me out. I understand that we have basicly 2 types of crawfish here in the New Orleans area. Namely the Red Swamp crawfish and the River crawfish. The way I understand it, is that Red Swamp crawfish has the better flavor due to it's "swampy" taste as compared to the more bland river crawfish. Fine so far, but the confusion is this. I eat a swamp crawfish that has come from a small ditch in Houma and it taste completely different then one from the Honey Island Swamp. I belived that it was due to the environment. Cypress and willow swamp as opposed to reletive little vegetation. Still OK, but buy some farm/pond raised craw fish and the place they came from is a rice field. Then the swamp crawfish taste the same as the Honey Island swamp crawfish. To add to the confusion, get some Belle River Crawfish and many of those appear the same as Red Swamp Crawfish but they taste different?? Is it me or is there an explanation.? Thanks for any reply.

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  1. since you said, "Thanks for any reply", the first thing I thought of after reading your post, was, "Baby, you are doing way too much thinking about crawfish & where they come from! Just sit down and eat as much as you want!"

    It was always my understanding that Belle River Crawfish were sweeter & cleaner. But I don't know if that's really true, but seems to be. I don't like to think about it, really.

    The only thing I do think about is not eating Chinese crawfish. IMHO, they are nasty!

    I have my places I like to go to for crawfish, and trust them to serve quality crawfish.

    I wonder where you get yours that you are thinking about them so much. Did you get some that were bad?


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      No, never had any bad ones. I usually catch mine from areas close by such as Houma, Honey Island etc. The reason I asked was because I simply noticed there was a different flavor between what I understand to be the same crawfish. I quess it depends on individual taste. I perfer the somewhat wild flavor as to mild. I eat themall though. Thanks for an answer.

      1. re: Jerome
        Isabella Maja

        I hope my answer didn't sound snotty. It wasn't. But I daresay I was in somewhat of a mood.

        I would think that whatever the crawfish are eating are making for various tastes. I prefer sweet & mild. I don't really know if I have had gamey crawfish, and I have eaten a lot of them in Houma, they taste pretty much the same as crawfish I eat in New Orleans (maybe they are the same!)

        Regardless, sounds like you work alot harder to get eat your crawfish than I do.... and I applaud you for that!

        All the best,

        1. re: Isabella Maja

          Not snoty at all. Thanks for the reply. Perhaps "gamey' is the wrong word. Just a taste different between crawfish. Also, I shound have said the flavor of the heads rather then the tail meat. There is not much difference in the meat, but rather in the heads. Also, I enjoy the fat in the heads as will as the flavoring. Thank you again.