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Apr 20, 2004 12:10 PM

The Ship Inn in Astoria, OR

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Once again, the Ship Inn delivers in Astoria, OR. Seated at a table with gorgeous views of the Columbia, this place still has THE best fish and chips on the entire Oregon Coast. I always have the half order which is two large pieces of halibt cooked to perfection. It almost melts in your mouth. I pour on the malt vinegar and load up the side of steak fries with lots of good old fashioned Heinz ketchup.

A chilled glass of Riesling went very nicely with the fish. Desserts were peppermint ice cream. This place is just down right mmmmmmmm good!!! ***kim***

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  1. Just wanted to support your review of Ship Inn in Astoria. A great little joint! Not much for looks, but we really enjoy the food there! 'Specially the fish and chips. And they've a tasty Cornish Pasty, too. We make it a point to eat once (or more) at Ship Inn whenever we travel to the region. It is clean and of high quality. They offer moderately good beers and wines, as well, to enjoy with your meal. MMM and Josephsons' Smokehouse next door is WONDERFUL if you like smoked seafoods.

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      We've been going there for over twenty years. It's our favorite fish and chips place on the coast. What is a cornish pastry? I know I should try some other menu items other than the fish and chips, but just always stick with my all-time favorite.

      Would love to try their crabmelt sometime, but save that for the Cannery Cafe. Aren't the views from the Ship Inn spectacular? We like to take the trolley in the summer that runs right by the restaurant. ***kim***

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        A "Pasty" pronounced "pass-tee" is a Cornish (English regional) meat pie. Think of a large, thin half-round folded-over oven-baked pie crust, served hot, stuffed with savory beef, vegetables, all with a savory meat-based gravy inside. Oh I am salivating at the thought! All of the Ship Inn's English pub grub (pasties, fish & chips, shepherd's pie) is most excellent. I feel like I'm letting the secret out by writing this!! But that's what this board is all about. Thanks for the tip on taking the trolley, too...sounds like fun.

        1. re: gabriel

          Sounds like a pot pie type thing? I'll have to give it a try next time we're there for more than a week. We may be staying in Astoria for a month this summer, so I'll definitely give it a try! ***kim***

    2. Just came back from an overnight in Astoria and tried the fish and chips at Ship Inn and Wet Dog. Both were overall good experiences. At Ship Inn, had a half order of the combination which included 1 butterflied shrimp, 1 scallop, 1 oyster, 1 piece of cod, 1 piece of halibut. Great flavor and satisfied a fish & chips craving. The next day had fish & chips at the Wet Dog cafe which included tuna, cod and salmon. Ship Inn's fish has a thicker and more flavorful batter coating, Wet Dog's chunks of fish were bigger. The tartar sauce tastes about the same at both places. The coleslaw looked fresher at Wet Dog but then I'm not big on coleslaw. The negatives were one piece of tuna at Wet Dog tasted fishy like it wasn't as fresh. And Ship Inn doesn't have a very appealing ambiance with its dated, dark interior, but if you go during the day and sit by a window, it's fine.