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N.O. recommendations?

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Comin' to NOLA next week for 4 nights/5 days. Have started a list and wanted to get feedback on it and additional suggestions if you have them. Are all these a must?

The list:
Cafe Du Monde (breakfast)
Old Coffee Pot (breakfast)
Brennan's (breakfast)
ACME Oyster House (lunch)
Uglesich's (lunch)
Central Grocery (muffaletta)
Mr. B's Bistro Bar (lunch)
Johnny's Po'Boys (lunch)
Jacques-lmo's Cafe (lunch)
Mother's (lunch)
K-Paul's (???)
Felix's (oysters/lunch)
Commander's (dinner)
Galatoire's (dinner)
Clancy's (dinner)
Brigsten's (dinner)
Brennan's (dinner)

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  1. Don't want to insult your intelligence, but there IS a New Orleans board, where you can ask the folks who live there.

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/south/boards...

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      Apologies for the above (until somebody posts between them) two posts. Don't know what I did wrong -- but it was at least two things.

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        I don't understand your insult. Is this humor? This IS the New Orleans board, yes? Not a nice welcome. Wanna try again?

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          Hungry Celeste

          Looks like a nice roundup, but I'd skip the Old Coffee Pot. Go to Elizabeth's (corner of Gallier & Chartres) instead. Praline bacon, lots of other good stuff.

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            Thank you. Sounds like a great idea. I'd like to avoid TOO many tourist/hot spots if possible. Seems like we'll be waiting the whole time.

    2. Don't want to insult your intelligence, but there IS a New Orleans board, where you can ask the folks who live there.

      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/south/boards...

      1. Obviously, you won't have time or appetite for all those places in four days. My personal "musts" from your list, for a quick NO survey, would include:

        Cafe du Monde, for beignets and cafe au lait
        Central Grocery for a muffaletta
        Jacques-Imo's -- but they don't serve lunch; you will have to go for dinner; be prepared to wait
        Uglesich's -- lunch only; bring cash
        Galatoire's -- either lunch or dinner

        Pretty much everything else would be up to you depending on your time and appetite. You will probably want to go to Acme for oysters on the half shell. I would definitely skip the Brennan's breakfast; it's overpriced and you won't want to eat for the rest of the day anyway.

        You might also want to add Casamento's to your list as a choice for oysters. It is a big favorite of both locals and visitors. Personally the 30s white tile glare gives me the creeps, but I'm in the minority.

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          Beau Nappatee

          Maybe skip Mother's. It's not up to the standards of your other choices any more. You have a nice list and I agree about Casamento's but I waffle about skipping Brennan's - it's so pretty and you can stroll around the antique stores and galleries afterwards. Most of my favorites are uptown and I noticed you have Clancys and Brigtsens on the list. Please post a review when you return.

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            Thanks. What about K Paul's? Is his prime over or is it worth a visit?

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              Haven't been in years. He's had health problems. His wife died. But his coconut cake still gets raves. If there are only 2 of you, you might share a table with others. You might search this board for recs by Hazelhurst. She knows the territory.

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                I ate at K-Paul's in October and had a very good meal. It was a bit pricey for the level of intricacy of preparation, but all of the ingredients were fresh and top-notch. I would say it's worth a visit if for no other reason than to dine in the restaurant that begat the K-Paul "blackened" tangent. I wasn't overwhelmed, but I definitely was not disappointed. One hint, try the appetizers or soups (they rotate) but skip dessert here unless it's the coconut cake.

            2. Looks like you've done some serious research. In addition, there's a very good upscale restaurant in the Windsor Court Hotel. Also, though it's cool to bash him, I think you can still get a good meal at Emeril's and if you can it's nice to sit at the bar adjacent to the kitchen. Oh, I don't see Bayona, Susan Spicer's palce on your list. Highly recommended.

              1. Don't miss Casamento's on Magazine Street for oysters; ACME is good too, when you are in the quarter. Also try Irene's on St. Philip and Chartres; amazing dinner to be had there, but go early to avoid the wait.

                When you get there, ask friendly bartenders and cab drivers for their advice of where to eat and avoid. I have gotten some great recommendations. Have fun!

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                  I was there the week before Thanksgiving, and I recommend a class at the New Orleans School of Cooking. It's more of a cooking demonstration with lunch (and beer!), but they give a very interesting history of New Orleans & the food, plus recipes.

                  Second the recommendation for Irene's--one of the best meals we had in N.O., and good service to boot. Their duck entree is marvelous.

                2. I was there last year and enjoyed the following:

                  Cafe du Monde(beignet&cafe au lait)
                  Acme's(oysters & Dixie)
                  Central Grocery(muffaletta & zapp's chips)
                  Uglesich's(oyster po-boy,bbq shrimp,fried green tomato)
                  Galatoire's(shrimp remoulade,troutamandine,ban.breadpud)
                  Pat O'Brien's(Hurricanes)
                  Sazarac Bar(sazarac & gin fizz)
                  Napoleon House(Pimm's cup & N.O.Rum)

                  1. As yet another L.A. hound who followed the discussion over here, I'd simply agree with the "ehhh" review of Mother's. We loved Galatoires, and weren't overly blown away by our Commander's Palace brunch.

                    I'll also point out my write-up of Bayona below, intended for folks just like you!

                    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                    1. The list:
                      Cafe Du Monde (breakfast) - - a must, any hour of the day

                      Brennan's (breakfast)- - very touristy & $$$$

                      Uglesich's (lunch) - - go here instead of Mothers

                      Central Grocery (muffaletta) - - the best!! forget what you read about Napolean House.....CG's is the best muffaletta in town!

                      Mr. B's Bistro Bar (lunch) - - the best BBQ shrimp!

                      Jacques-lmo's Cafe (lunch)- - very mixed reviews; I'd go to Camellia Grill for a burger if you're gonna venture out that way

                      Mother's (lunch)- - skip it

                      K-Paul's (???) - - past his prime; very touristy

                      Felix's (oysters/lunch)// ACME Oyster House (lunch)- - either or

                      Commander's (dinner)- - over-rated

                      Galatoire's (dinner)- - you could find better

                      Clancy's (dinner) - - an absolute MUST! We were just there in October & this was one of our favorite meals.

                      Brigsten's (dinner) - - okay

                      Brennan's (dinner)- - if you go for breakfast, why bother for dinner

                      Some other suggestions:

                      Breakfast: Camellia Grill, Petunia's, Tally-Ho, Clover Grill

                      Lunch/Dinner: Bayona

                      Dinner: Stella! (it's the hot restaurant now - - go there while it's HOT! We had a fabulous meal!!), Gabrielle, Peristyle, Dick & Jenny's

                      Remember to PACE YOURSELF!!! Enjoy!

                      1. .....Oh yeah I forgot Le Crepe Nanou---way over off St. Charles near Robert Street, I think. Fantastic French restaurant. Some of the best mussels I have EVER had in my life. Great service. And do not miss Clover Grill on the quiet end of Bourbon. You will get a great burger and probably a wacky story or two out of the trip.

                        1. The advice you've been given is generally sound......I'd only point out that Cafe du Monde (CDM) has not had really good coffee for thirty years. In fact, the horror that is American coffee has worked its rot all over New Orleans. (Let us not talk about modern "coffee" shops which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the ancient Borgia family).

                          Commander's is getting varied reviews these days--might be worth a shot but most of us are waiting awhile until things settle out.

                          Clancy's is always fun--the "uptown Galatoire's"

                          Galatoire's is what you make of it----you are as responsible for the quality of the dinner as is the resatuarant. Some folks "get it" and some folks don't.