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Dec 1, 2002 11:35 AM


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Is Dorignac's a seafood restaurant or is it a seafood market? I am thinking it's out by the lake, but not sure. If it's a market I want to check it out, maybe more than if it's a restaurant.

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  1. It's a supermarket, not a shiny new sterile one, but a good traditional market with many local products that are hard to find at other places. They do sell seafood and have a good meat department. And it's one of the best places in the city to buy wine.

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    1. re: Sarah C
      Beau Nappatee

      Hmm ... gotta go. And thanks.
      P.S. Where is it again?

      1. re: Beau Nappatee

        On Veteran's in Metairie. You can take the West End exit off the 10 and turn left on Veteran's, or take the Bonnabel exit, turn right on Bonnabel and right again on Veteran's.

        1. re: Sarah C

          I love Dorignacs! Have to stop anytime I am in Metairie! (Usually do a double header and hit Foodies too, which is next door).
          Dornignacs has a great wine department and also a great deli! I dont know what they put in that chicken salad, but it is to die for!

          1. re: tea4two

            Foodies didn't make it after Katrina. I miss it too but you're not gonna find a better grocery than Dorignac's. Their meat is to die for.

            1. re: ghc630

              Another ancient zombie is resurrected. How does this happen? Probably like Dorignac's the best but also dig whole foods for their produce department.

          2. re: Sarah C

            if coming from the east (in case someone is new to Dorignac's on this resurrected thread).

      2. Dorignac's is on Veterans Hwy. close to the New Orleans line. Their meat is great but they certainly don't email when requested.