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Nov 26, 2002 01:39 PM

Question re: Commanders

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Our first time to Commanders Palace this weekend, and I was wondering if jacket AND tie is required for the guys. Also, any "must haves" on the menu?

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  1. Jacket is for sure; not sure about tie. Call and ask.
    Don't think you'll be disappointed by anything you order but don't eat there enough to give menu recommendations.

    1. Save room for dessert if the Bread Pudding Souffle is still on the menu. It was the highlight of our meal there a couple years ago!

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        Also, if they still have it on the menu, the lemon flan is to die for. I had an entree of quail with andouille sausage stuffing - fantastic! Need to go back - soon. D.

      2. Last time I was there, jacket and tie were required. Everything is excellent but be sure to start with turtle soup. The menu of the day will not steer you wrong and finish with the bread pudding (order with your entree). Its been a few years but the wine list was solid (read: good vintage but you pay for it) but not creative. Still the Queen of the Garden District.

        1. Thanks for the helpful comments. Our dining experience at Commander's last weekend was wonderful. We were seated in a small dining room upstairs, and the service was impeccable. Our food was great as well, especially the grouper dish on tasting menu. And the chocolate dessert...mmmmmmm!