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Nov 20, 2002 10:56 PM

Bangkok restaurant on Carrolton

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Last Saturday evening several friends and I had a meal at this restaurant just prior to partying at the Rock'n Bowl.
I have heard good things about this restaurant from one person in California and my B&B had a stack of cards laying about.
I assumed that it was at least average in quality.
After tasting each dish the meal was completed in silence by all.
It was by far the worst meal I have ever had in New Orleans.
Was this an off night for this place? Does anyone have any input?

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  1. It is uneven, in our experience. We thought it was pretty good a few years ago, then apparently there was a change of ownership/chef and it seemed to go downhill. We haven't been there for a year or so now so can't comment on recent quality.

    Most Asian food in New Orleans is Americanized, sanitized, and mediocre . If you have good Thai or Chinese food where you live, I wouldn't bother trying those types of restaurants when you come here. The exception is Vietnamese food. We have some very good Vietnamese restaurants because we have a fairly large Vietnamese community that actually patronizes these restaurants.

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      Thanks for the input. I sort of thought that changes of ownership, chefs etc. may have been an issue.
      I would have never even considered going to explore this type of food in New Orleans had it not been for another couple at the B&B where we stayed,who wanted to go there and the intention of partying our tushies off to Zydeco at the Rock'n Bowl afterwards.
      This city has some of the most amazing food in the world.
      This trip was to discover the out of the way places, such as Gene's Po' Boys and St.Roch's Seafood Market and others like it.

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      david in NOLa

      Also on Carrolton, there's the Basil Leaf Thai restaurant, which was pretty good the few times I've eaten there. Not a great Thai restaurant compared to some I've tried in CA and HI, but a good meal nonetheless.