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Nov 20, 2002 09:33 PM

Stella! and Brightsen

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Going to NOLA in a couple weeks looking for a couple of restaurants. Has anyone been to Stella! or Brigtsen's recently. I'm open for any suggestions. Casual and Expensive.

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  1. I went to Stella this week, the 4th time in recent months. Except for their version of bread pudding, which was good but nothing more, every dish at the table of five was superb.

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      Took a NOLA native out as a thank you to Stella! the first week in November. We ate in the coutyard, which was VERY nice, although the wait staff seemed less present. The food, however, was terrific, both the salmon and the chilean sea bass -- the equal of a Zagat 24-25 rating for a New York restaurant.

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      I love New Orleans FOOD!

      I ate at Stella two weeks ago and it was really, really fantastic, I loved it! The squab with Fois Gras was the greatest I ever had, and the lobster wonton app was to die for. My friend had a goct cheese dumpling app that was great!!!She had a bouillious with saffron broth that was killer and the creme brulee with green tea ice cream and grilled pineapples for dessert kicked butt!! THe wait staff and Pat the hostess are top notch and it will be great, trust me!!!!