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Nov 19, 2002 11:28 PM

Beyond eating

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Everyone has been so helpful in planning our trip. We can't wait to get there. I'll report back.
On another the few moments that we're not eating, does anyone have a suggestion for a simple boatride/cruise(I hate the connotation of the latter) on the river? I was told something about taking kids from the zoo up/down the port.
Any thoughts?
Thanks again,

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  1. Here's the link for the zoo cruise. It leaves from the area near the aquarium near the foot of Canal St. and takes you upriver to the zoo, and I assume you can either get the return trip or use another method to get home. I think it's still running . . . sometimes they shut it down in the winter.


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      My idea would be to take the cruise from Canal to the zoo and the St. Charles streetcar back!

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        Hungry Celeste

        Great idea. From the Magazine St. entrance of the zoo to the closest streetcar stop on St. Charles, it's about 3/4 mile. So, if you're traveling with young children or people of limited mobility, be sure to use the free zoo shuttle that will drop you off on St. Charles. In nice weather, you can walk through Audubon Park, but in rain, it's farther than you think. Also, it begins to get dark at 5ish, so you might not want to walk in the gathering dusk through the park. It's well-lighted and fairly safe, but it does technically close at dusk and those big oaks cast creepy shadows.

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      I love New Orleans FOOD!

      The zoo is realy nice and you can cruise back to the french quarter or vise a versa. The honey island swamp tour is really good, but this time of the year, unless it is very sunny and warm the gators are lying low. A plantation tour is really interesting and the cruise on the Natchez is a little boring but, it can be a relaxing 2 hours to just sit and take in the views.