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Nov 18, 2002 06:06 PM

jazz clubs

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I have a question about good jazz spots (not Dixieland). The Palm Court looks interesting and there is another one in the vicinity of Rio Mar. Anyone been? How was the food and the jazz? What about the one on Tchoupitoulas a long while back called Rosies? Is it gone?

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    isabella maja

    used to go to the Palm Court... haven't been in years.
    my favorite, is The Fine Arts Center. On Friday night, the James Rivers Movement play from 10pm - I think 1 or 2 am. They do serve some appetizers, which are good....just neighborhood home cookin. I remember the gumbo was really good, like my mama's. I also like Snug Harbor. Went recently, food was just good, not great. Service was lousy. We used to be able to get a good meal & good service there & the show is great. I think it was just one of those off nights.

    Too bad, I do not believe Rosy's is open any longer.

    All the best,
    p.s. Fine Arts Center is a couple of blocks off of St. Charles on Constantinople. You can catch the streetcar and a cab back home.

    1. Palm Court is a good combination of food and music, but it has the expected problems of trying to do both at once. I can't understand why a place that emphasizes music has a bar with a blender going at the same time as the music. Snug Harbor offers good (not great) food separately from great music in a great setting. If you go to the toilet, you'll know why they call it "snug."

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        Beau Nappatee

        Is Snug Harbor in the warehouse district?

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          No. It's on Frenchmen St. in the Fauburg Marigny, which is on the other side of the French Quarter from the Warehouse District.