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Nov 17, 2002 11:53 PM

best reveillon meal and place to stay for it in quarter

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best reveillon meal and place to stay in quarter

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    Beau Nappatee

    Look further down on the message board for "breakfast and oysters in the quarter" and also "jazz brunch," and this is assuming you mean meals early enough to hear the bugler sound reveille.

    1. Presumably you have checked out the link that shows all the Reveillon menus -- if not, here it is again. Almost all of them are in the French Quarter. I can't say which is the best but you will just have to pick out a menu that looks good to you.

      Can't give advice about places to stay because we live here and don't experience the hotels. But there are lots of recommendations below on this board.


      1. i
        I love New Orleans FOOD!

        I had a reveillon dinner at the Upperline last year that was fantastic, you can take the St. Charles streetcar to Upperline and walk down to the Upperline( it is on Upperline) and cab it back, or take cabs both ways, but the food is really great!!!