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Nov 12, 2002 06:22 AM

Fish Tacos

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Does anyone out there know of any Mexican/Latin restaurants that serve fish tacos? I've just returned from a trip to Mexico (Baja Calif.) and Southern California and I found myself eating fish tacos nearly every day! I know that Taqueria Corona and Serrano's have pretty good fish tacos but would like to try other places. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. While it's neither Mexican nor Latin, Crabby Jack's on Jefferson (just inside Jeff. Parrish) has excellent fish (on blue corn) tacos.

    1. I share your opinion of fish tacos and although I have never had them in the S. Cal area really like what I have had in my travels. Here's a trick I do when I can't get the real thing. I don't know about New Orleans, but up here (Northeast Ohio) we can get some pretty decent fried fish dinners - breaded perch deep fried, cole slaw etc. What I sometimes do is order one of these with some salsa and a couple of warm tortillas and put together my own on the spot putting the cole slaw in with the fish as well. You have to do this in a restaurant that has the tortillas and salsa but these days with the nacho appetizers and sandwich wraps that's not too hard to do.

      1. GREAT Fish tacos at Crabby Jacks on Jefferson. Same chef/owner from Jacque-Imo's.

        1. Juan's Flying Burritos on Magazine has great fish tacos. They also have a new location in Mid-City on Carrollton, but I haven't been there yet.