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low fat dining in New Orleans

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Will arrive in NO Sunday Nov 18. Does anyone have suggestions for low fat dining in the area?

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  1. Most of the better restaurants will grill or broil your seafood for you if you request. Many local dishes come with heavy high fat sauces, but you can ask to skip those or have them served on the side. You have to be creative to eat low fat here!

    1. Sorry to say the NO City Council outlawed low-fat food in the city limits. Louisiana legislature is considering same.
      There is no seriously good Louisiana food that is low fat. All of us condemned ;-> to live here are always fighting to stay on diets that never work because of all the great food and the superb cooks that cook it.
      Just think how lucky you are that you are just visiting...and please try not to gawk at all the obese natives you encounter on you stay here.

      1. I agree with the poster re the outlawing low fat in New Orleans. There's no way and you might as well just resign yourself to a little indulgence and enjoy. Having said that, in the past when I was visiting and trying to control my fat intake I would hit the Brick Oven and get a veggie pizza and tell themn to go easy on the cheese. They can also do a pasta prima vera dish for you that's light on the sauce action. Semolina's also has a pasta veggie dish that is not too bad. Granted these are not the best restaurants in town, but you are really trying to swim upstream here.

        Good Luck

        1. Low fat in in the BIG Easy?!?! YUCK!!!!

          1. I have a suggestion which may help a little. Eat a lot of raw oysters. They're great, they're local, and God knows they are good.
            After that you may be in a bit of trouble.

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              Beau Nappatee

              Most places have a broiled fish on the menu or some form of baked or broiled chicken. Have them hold the sauce and get a salad and baked potato with it. It's not a question of finding a low fat restaurant, but choosing the low fat items on the menu. Granted the sauces are tempting, but in any town it takes a lot of research to plan low fat when dining out. Where are you from? Are there restaurants there that specialize in total low fat menus? Lucky you.
              PS - On second thought, Bravo's on St. Charles has some pasta dishes without heavy sauces and their salads are pretty good, too.

            2. You might try some of the Middle Eastern or Vietnamese restaurants around town. Byblos and Mona's on Magazine St. are pretty good Middle Eastern. Vietnamese food offers grilled meats served on greens, and large bowls of soup which would be relatively lowfat. I would suggest Pho Tau Bay, Kim Son and 9 Roses which are all on the Westbank. If your heart is set on New Orleans style food that is lowfat, I fear that they may be mutually exclusive. Most restaurants will honor special requests, however.

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                Some of the regional dishes, Creole Chicken comes to mind, are inherently low fat (I just saw an analysis for a classic preparation of this dish and it contained 8 grams of fat). If you do a little research you may still be able have a bit of the NOLA experience while adhering to your dietary guidelines.

                1. What exactly does low fat in New Orleans mean?
                  A half-stick of butter instead of a whole? Half and Half instead of heavy whipping cream?
                  What did I read...something like 3,000 places to eat in this city and only 3 are veggie places. Go figure.

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                    Beau Nappatee

                    But why go veggie in a city that's practically right in the ocean and spilling over with fresh seafood. Look for boiled seafood, broiled fish, and raw oysters if nothing else. Also there is a string of Little Tokyo restaurants with good sushi.