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Oct 31, 2002 11:19 AM

wedding dinner

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I'm getting married in New Orleans next August (2003) and need some help finding a spot for the wedding night dinner. The event will be small (24 people max) and we were hoping to hire a limo bus to take us all to Mosca's, but they can't accomodate a party on a Saturday night. We really are looking for an authentic New Orleans experience - does not have to be fancy - but the food must be fabulous and the atmosphere fun. I appreciate your input.

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  1. My input here is that one time while waiting for the streetcar on St. Charles one passed us by. It was filled with a wedding party! Don't know where they were going but what a terrific idea! The car was decorated with big white bows and everything. Guess you would call the local transit to see how much this costs.

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      My brother's rehearsal dinner was at Barecca's on Old Metairie Road. We had a private room in the back, our own bartender, etc. It was wonderful. The owner, chef, etc visited w/ everyone. Can't say enough good things about it.

    2. My sister did this at Gautreau's on Soniat St. Uptown. They totally rose to the occasion with food and service. It was a perfect night.

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        Beau Nappatee

        For atmosphere and view, go for Bella Luna. The Terrace Room is on the second floor and you can see over the wall to the river. The room is surrounded by a bank of windows on three sides and the view is unparalleled: the skyline of the CBD, the river traffic, the quaint historic gables and slate rooves of the French Quarter. I won't brag about the food b/c both times for us it was a big deal family occasion and I was too nervous to concentrate on the food (ashamed to admit this but my foodie persona gave way to jitters, although I do remember gulping down a beautiful salad of baby lettuces with Tilton cheese, pears, and toasted walnuts). Also it's a great room for dressing up with decorations, we used clouds of blue and white balloons with gold ribbons, hydrangeas in ceramic pots sprayed gold, and lots of tulle on the tables. The ceiling is a luscious fresco of a blue sky with clouds piled on the horizon like plumped pillows. The staff was very professional and helpful. The terrace is deep and goes around the corner so there is plenty of room out there for gathering outside and soaking up the atmosphere. The terrace puts the facility a head above it's rivals for wedding receptions and other gala occasions. It definitely adds dimension to a party. And I promise I don't work for the restaurant, just a very satisfied customer.