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Oct 17, 2002 12:36 PM

Cooking Classes???

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I will be visiting New Orleans mid November. Has anyone had any experience taking "cooking classes" at NEW ORLEANS SCHOOL OF COOKING or COOKIN’ CAJUN COOKING SCHOOL? I know that they both offer either demonstration classes or "hands on" classes.

On another off topic subject , has anyone gone fishing while in New Orleans? Any really good guides available?

Thanks, Mitchell….

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  1. I ADORE the New Orleans School of Cooking. Had such a great time there a couple months ago that we are contemplating going back next time we are in town even though our timing would make it so that we would have to see the exact same demonstration. I think it would be workth it. So amusing, such good food, and a lot of good tips. If you are are planning a visit, I would suggest going to the NOSC early in the trip as they give out many excellent restaurant suggestions - many not well known but very good.

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      Hungry Celeste

      Excellent fishing guides abound in NO. Most of the nearby fishing is brackish-marsh (speckled trout, redfish, and similar species), which tends to improve as the weather cools in the fall. Your concierge will be able to provide recs. Offshore fishing is also very good, but you'll have to spend 45 minutes to an hour and a half in the car, driving to the coast. Some freshwater fishing is available; BassMasters held a tournament at the Superdome last year...

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        Thanks for the feedback.

        I'll post my experiences when I get back (approx. Novevember 20th).


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          I am interested in hearing about your cooking school experiences. I am looking for a hands-on class. Did you end up going that route? If so, how was the experience.


    2. Mitchell,

      The Cookin Cajun classes given by Susan Murphy are an absolute blast. For $20 (less a coupon that you can pick up in a touristy brouchure) you get 2 hours of jokes, a great meal , an occasional cocktail ,and you may learn to cook a thing or two . I've been to several classes over the past few years , so much so , my wife and I can go for free and pick the menu. There is another instructor whom we haven't experienced but you'll have a great time in one of Susans' classes.
      Enjoy New Orleans

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        louisiana lin

        How far are you coming from and do you want to go another hour or two to get to Grand Isle for your fishing? The website is: There is a link for marinas and fishing charters. Everyone I know who fishes seriously considers it a prime location for anglers. You must decide for yourself between fishing from the beach, a pier, the fresh water areas or deep sea charters. Good luck.