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Oct 1, 2002 11:42 AM

I-10 Eateries

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Some friends are on a road trip passing through Breaux Bridge and going to Avery Island. Any suggestions for eating along that way and back up and past Lafayette?

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    Hungry Celeste

    The Pig Stand in Ville Platte (bbq)
    Best Stop Supermarket (Scott, just off I-10)
    Catahoula in Grand Couteau
    Prejean's in Carencro
    Palace Cafe in Opelousas
    Le Rosier in New Iberia
    Poor Boy's Riverside Inn in Broussard
    Yellow Bowl in Franklin

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      All those suggestions of Hungry Celeste's are great. Only things I'd add are to call Le Rosier in advance and see what the hours are. (They closed to the general public a few years ago, then re-opened and I do no recall the arrangements. Something in the back of my mind is saying that there is one weekday when they are not open for lunch but I could well be wrong about that. Have not had the pleasure of eating there in some time. Hallman Woods is a great cook and a whiz with soups.)

      Palace Cafe has ben getting mediocre reviews from friends in the area. Last time I had coffee there it was akin to something you'd get in CArbondale IL. Once upon a time they dripped it. Lunch wasn't bad.

      Pig Stand BBQ sauce is a must. (The big loss in Ville Platte was the disappearance of Herbert Dupre's store. Used to get turkey=-frying lard there)

      1. re: Hazelhurst

        In Breaux Bridge I like Pouche's. Excellent smokehouse for all kinds of meats, great lunch with a varied menu, and all good. Hard to find but if you stop at the Texaco station exit 109 (I believe) they can direct you.

        1. re: sheila

          I've been ordering from them for a long time now (I live in Texas). Consistently good boudin. Didn't care for the terducken (sp?). Andouille and tasso great also.

          1. re: Helen

            Poche's has long been a favorite although several friends object to the tourists busses that have been seen pulled up at the door (but hey, these folks gotta make a living). You are right about directions. The easiest way is to find the Breaux Bridge overpass (over the interstate) and just go along that to the north for a few miles.

            I also like Webster's in Ceclia but the selection is not as broad.

            Used a be "Boudin Tour for World Piece" run by a bunch of lawyers in Lafayette. never been on it but I hear ot is tons of fun, stopping at all the major boudin makers in the area.

            1. re: Hazelhurst

              If your travel takes you close to the intersection of I-49 and US 167 (Opelousas), try to schedule a stop in Port Barre, not far from the beaten path. Borque's Supermarket has great house-made Cajun sausages, unusual cast-iron cookware at yard sale prices, and fried boudin balls (3/$1.59) that will make your cardiologist wince, but will surely put a smile on your face.

        2. re: Hazelhurst

          Unfortunately, Hallman Woods has sold the restaurant. I haven't been there lately but will post when I get to try out the new owner.

      2. try Les Amies in Breaux Bridge. It's in the historic district. On weekends they have brunch of creole delights to be enjoyed while listening to live cajun music. Lot's of atmosphere and terrific turtle soup.

        A side trip that is a little out of your way, would be The Kitchen Shop in Grand Couteau. (Take I-49 North at Lafayette and travel about 20 miles) Gateau Nana is a favorite. It's such a great taste of the south, that I have had it shipped to some of my friends in the frozen north. It's a cake made with layers of pastry and lots of pecans.

        We also enjoy the Blue Dog Cafe in Lafayette on Pinhook (Off Evangeline parkway). Food is topnotch and you can enjoy original George Rodrique paintings that adorn the walls. The Blue Dog is not open on Sunday night, but they do have a brunch on that day. Try the seafood wonton appetizer. It doesn't sound creole, but you will love it, because the wontons are prepared with a crab, shrimp and crawfish stuffing. Wonderful flavor! Their gumbo is pretty good, too!

        I am a native of Louisiana and found these places while traveling the state for my job. Now retired, I return to these spots because they are so good.

        I have just noticed the date on your post and have decided that you have made your trip 5 years ago, but will post my notes in case someone else is traveling the same road.

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        1. re: marchperson

          When going on the I-10 to points west, (or for that matter, returning) I'd always make a point of eating at Landry's in Henderson. No more, although I do think Landry's is a good restaurant. Pat Huval's in Henderson (same exit of the I-10) is a really exceptional restaurant and is worth a visit. Superb for every sort of seafood, and particularly for all sorts of crawfish dishes.

        2. Ooh, now you're in my territory...Be sure to stop at Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge. The zydeco brunch on Saturday is quite lively and the food is delicious anytime.

          You'll be near New Iberia when you go to Avery Island. You can get good boudin at Legnon's Boucherie on Jefferson Terrace, some cracklin at Theriot's Grocery on Julia St. if it's early or at Dave's on Dale St. til 5.

          Be sure to visit Bon Creole on St. Peter N.I. for some overstuffed po-boys and seafood gumbo. There is a seafood platter po-boy with everything on it you can envision! Very often they have soft-shelled crab po-boys, too. Their fried catfish basket is good too. Their portions are very generous.

          Little River Inn on Main St.of N.I. is a sister restaurant of Riverside Inn. I recommend their seafood salad (big enough for two), their stuffed shrimp, grilled stuffed catfish, grilled fish riverside, and broiled stuffed mushrooms with remoulade sauce. They have lunch specials which are quite reasonable.

          There is a new place on Lewis St. called Crab Shak (formerly Vita-Health). They have a crab cake po-boy which is very good but a little pricey.

          Jeanerette's claim to fame is the Yellow Bowl. It's on Hwy 182 east of Jeanerette, heading toward Franklin. The half and half fried crawfish and etouffe is wonderful. But so is the fried catfish. The crab and corn bisque is very good, too.

          If you go through Lafayette, a stop at Cafe Vermilionville is worth your time. The crabcakes are the best I've ever eaten. (not coated or fried), and the white chocolate bread pudding is divine.