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Aug 25, 2002 12:03 PM


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Should I eat at Emerils or should I steer clear of it? I have heard alot of negative things about it. I have eaten at the Commaders Palace and Upperline and loved them both. Is Martinque good? I will be down in November from N.Y. I really need some input about Emerils.

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    or not to Emeril's, that is the question...

    For tourists to dine at Emeril's is like going to see St. Louis Catherdral... you just HAVE to do it once. He DID cook there at one time and if you are a huge fan why not? It's not that bad. It's just the locals feel that it's a tourist trap because it's crammed with so many tourists like yourself. I say go ahead...

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    1. re: or not to Emeril's, that is the question...

      The man has talent--no doubt about that--and an even greater ability to whoop up piles of money. I've not heard of a single sighting of Himself at the New Orleans joints in the recent months BUT a pair of friends who ate there last spring said that Elvis was in the building and made an apperance in the dining room where he was recieved to tumultuous applause and hollering. For my part, I prefer to dine and avoid a Nuremburg Rally.

      Meanwhile, he continues to commit infamy on the Food Channel.

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        I would suggest Delmonico's....still an Emeril establishment, but better atmosphere....


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        Hungry Celeste

        Martinique is a lovely neighborhood bistro. If you like romantic, low key settings, you'll like it. It's not quite Upperline or Commander's, but wonderful in its own way.

        1. Emeril's Delmonico is more of a local restaurant if you want to avoid the tourist scene. It's cheaper than Emeril's too and the past couple of times I ate there, Emeril was in the kitchen.

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            This is encouraging news. There were very depressing reports out of Delmonico'a early in Emeril's regime. Most complaints centered around the prices and the jazzed up presentation. When the old gals had it, it seemed to be a friendlier , less expensive place. The question now is: what is particularly good there? Once upon a time the turtle soup was distinguished,if not exactly on a par with the once-great Commander's version.

            Is he still operating the Conrstalk Room?

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              The Cornstalk Room is still in operation. I sat back there a few months ago on the weekend. Very nice garden window and candles.

              I had a fabulous roasted duck on that trip and on my last trip had an aged 16oz ribeye that was better than anything I've had in town in awhile. EVEN RUTH'S CHRIS (which I think is overrated).

              Couple that with the piano player in the bar and it's no wonder why my lady wants to go back again.

              1. re: LibationMan

                Where is the Cornstalk Room - sounds fabulous. Would appreciate knowing. Thanks! D.

                1. re: Donna - MI

                  The Cornstalk Room is a part of Delmonico' is--well "was"--a private room with a slave kitchen and small bar. It was used for private functions (bachellor parties, S Patrick's Day whing-dings and the like. I enjoyed many a party there...a tear stands in the eye in recollection........
                  I am delighted to hear the the Old Place is enjoying support and succuor from the loylals. I shall make a point of dining there soon & shall report back