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good crepes?

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Where can I find good savory, not sweet, crepes?

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  1. Le Crepe Nanou has both sweet & savory crepes. The rest of the menu is French bistro fare. If you have room, be sure to get the mussels. It's located uptown on Robert near Prytania.

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    1. re: Carpetbagger
      Hungry Celeste

      The cheese fondue is good at LCN, too.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        mmm... fondue! I also like the cheese plate and the charcuterie plate.

      2. re: Carpetbagger

        How does Petunia's compare to LCN?

        1. re: Pam in NJ

          I'd stick with La Crepe. Better atmosphere, better food.

          Link: http://purplesunshine.com

          1. re: Purple

            Really love LCN, but be prepared to wait an eternity for a table especially on a weekend- they do not do reservations. The crawfish crepe is delicious also the spinach and cheese one.