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Jul 31, 2002 10:21 PM

What do i serve with Gumbo?

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What in da heck do ya serve with gumbo?

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    Hungry Celeste

    What kind of gumbo? Lots of people on Bayou Lafourche serve potato salad, believe it or not. It's typically a very plain, mustardy, mashed potato salad. It's also common to put the potato salad into your bowl instead of rice. Looks gross, but is tasty with chicken gumbo.

    Good french bread is usually enough, IMO. Followed by a good custard pie (bouillie) or fruit pie (in season).

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      seafood lady friend wants me to make gumbo for dinner and i was trying to get some suggestions......

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        I have seen it served with potao salad the most.

      2. MC and I have always considered gumbo to be pretty much the complete meal--with rice, french bread, and a light green salad. No particular dessert, other than it should be light. My favorite dessert is to put more gumbo in the bowl (sans meat and rice) and dip my french bread.

        We have a sister in law from the Sulphur, La area who also puts potato salad in her gumbo. I thought she was the only one.

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          yeah that's what i girl said the same thing about gumbo being a meal in itself....thanks for the tips

          1. re: Q
            Dave Feldman

            But even with rice, there's something great about a good crusty French bread (and butter!) with gumbo.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              Cornbread is great with gumbo. D.

              1. re: Donna - MI
                Dave Feldman

                It's obviously just a matter of taste, but I don't like cornbread with gumbo (or other soups, for the most part) -- I tend to like something with some crunch to contrast the soft ingredients in soups/stews/gumbo.

        2. Over in the backwater of Western Louisiana, some of the old folks serve gumbo with a boiled egg along with the usual rice. Also, we make a variation of gumbo using crab and corn [but still roux based] which is served with cornbread. Gumbo is a very adaptable dish, changing with each making.

          1. I was listening to Bobby Hebert on a sports talk station here in ATL and they were talking food (happens a lot on this sports station). He was of the opinion that gumbo is never a main course. Is that a regional convention or a commonly held view in LA. I was surprised to hear that, but then I'm not from there. Whats the story?

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              Hungry Celeste

              Okay, here's my two cents' worth: my sister went to high school with Bobby Jay, and my college roommate's husband is his second cousin (he is also parrain to the husband's younger brother). Additional credentials: my daddy is a renowned gumbo cook (winner of several gumbo cookoffs).

              In restaurant meals & for "sunday dinner", gumbo is often a first course or soup course. At many other times (lunch, sunday supper), gumbo IS the meal, accompanied by simple sides as discussed in other parts of this thread. It is a very cajun thing to offer lots of choices/courses in a meal, especially for holidays and festive occasions. Rest assured that there are few rules when it comes to gumbo--put whatever you want into the pot, eat it however/whenever you want.

              1. re: EP

                We have always considered gumbo to the be centerpiece of any meal at which it is served. My wife is from Opelousas, with extended family in Euncie, Lafayette and Baton Rouge. All of these folks consider gumbo to be the main course, served with rice, french bread, and perhaps a salad.

                Over the years we have lived in D.C., Arizona, Baltimore, and now KY. In each of these areas we have introducted friends to gumbo (as a main course) and Community Coffee.

                With gumbo on the table, there is very little else you need.

                1. re: EP

                  Growing up in the West (Beauregard and Calcasieu Parishes), gumbo could go from one of the meal's courses to the only course of the meal. (We didn't number our courses like city folk sometimes do.) If Mama was making gumbo out of leftovers, chances are it would be supper along with other leftovers not well suited to be put into the gumbo. If times were good and we had fresh seafood, the gumbo was a celebration of that same fresh seafood. Nowadays when I make gumbo for friends who grew up without the benefit of well cooked gumbo, it is the centerpiece of dinner.

                  Da point is, dey ain't no rules.

                2. I like to serve gumbo with crawfish cornbread or jalapeno cornbread. The taste of my gumbo with either of these is great.