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Jul 25, 2002 04:50 PM

Cajun Stuffed Pistolettes

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Where can I find Cajun stuffed pistolettes - the kind with crawfish or shrimp and cheese, etc.?

Also, does anyone know where or when they originated?

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  1. The Shell Station at the traffic light in Livonia has crawfish stufed pistolettes and probably has others. It is on teh right side of HWY 190---"Louisiana's Highway of Death"---as you head west.

    You could go to Joe Dreyfus' in LIvonia for lunch and the pop up to Port B. May a day of it. Take an ice chest and collect various boudins and andouilles. I do it all the time.

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      Thanks very much - that's an interesting source - maybe they are homemade. I was hoping to find something in New Orleans. Failing that, maybe something out along Bayou Lafourche. I'm really surprised that something so delicious is so hard to find.

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        Seven years later, and I have to add an update: the Shell in Livonia no longer sells pistolettes. However, the Exxon run by the Morrow's Family in Krotz Springs (12mi east on Hwy 190) sells pistolettes. Theirs are split rather than stuffed though, so resemble more a fried mini-po'boy rather than the more "fried kolache"-like pistolettes I had at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish festival.

        I drove down the Highway of Death to Livonia just because of your 2002 post, and had to turn around 12mi to go back to Krotz Springs, despite blinding rain and weather reports of golfball-sized hail.

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          That's good information to have..I must check with a friend who rattles thru there more often than do I these days...I know the Exxon you are referring to--you can also go to Billy's in "town." (I assume you meant you turned around because of rain/hail?)
          I always look wistfully at the N. side of the road and remember Diesi's LIttle Capitol..some of the floor/cement is still there. It was the grander ancestor of the li'l Liittle Capitol in Henderson.

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            Off topic, but the Billy's boudin balls are the best in the state...


            1. re: thecajunfoodie

              My mob has standing orders for the boudin balls if someone is rattling through the great metropolis of Krotz Springs. That is a curious corner of the Universe...I'm very fond of US 190 but thought it deadly dull when I was a kid. Hwy 71, just west, is also a "height check" device in the world as you approach the US 190 overpass.

      2. What exactly is a pistolette? Both my wife and I are from Louisiana, and we get home at least once a year. Yet, the term is new to me. Thanks.

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          Pistolettes are a small, oval French rolls about 4 inches long. Stuffed pistolettes are a Cajun specialty dating from the 1920s from what I'm told. The unbaked pistolettes are deep fried, then filled with wonderful fillings such as crawfish, shrimp, crab, etc. If you go to and search under stuffed pistolettes, you'll see a couple of pics and recipes. I have made the recipe from the outofthefryingpan site, and it's fabulous! I think you could loosely compare them to stuffed bread which is also popular in Southern LA.

          1. re: Becky

            Thanks. I'll check with my brother-in-law in Lafayette. He can find local sources for our next trip down.

            BTW, I just read a review of a "cajun" place in Nashville, TN and one in Louisville, KY (not on this board, but on the respective online newspapers). We are about two hours from each. I have not had much luck with similar restaurants in this area, but I always have hope. Per the review, the one in Nashville is owned and operated by a family from St. Charles, LA (I wonder if they meant.

            Thanks again.

            1. re: rlc

              You are welcome - and good luck with the new Cajun-style restaurants. By the way, I spoke with the folks at Barry's Kitchen in Sunset, LA, just north of Lafayette. They specialize in crawfish pistolettes. Per Kitty Barry, they used to make other kinds but had so much trouble keeping up with demand for the crawfish, they gave up the others. You can find them on the net - search under Barry's Kitchen. I still wish I could fnd a place in N.O. but oh, well.

        2. The Cajun Stuffed Pistolettes are made by Cajun Original Foods, Inc., in New Iberia, LA. is their email address. They have Crawfish, Crab, Shrimp, Alligator, Beef-n-Cheese w/Jalapeno, and Eggs-n-Sausage, w/cheese pistolettes. I hear that soon they will bring out a Boudin-Stuffed Pistolette! The pistolettes are good fried, but I prefer them baked, since their dough is a french bread type dough, and it is nice and crispy, without all of the oil you get from frying.

          1. I know this is an old topic, but Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats on Lobdell Hwy (hwy 415) in Port Allen, LA sells pistolettes and they're great. They have a market where you can buy cajun specialty meats as well as an attached restaurant and even when the restaurant is closed you can get pistolettes, boudin balls, meat pies, cracklin's and the daily special.

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              I second Bergeron's, their pistolettes, crawfish pies and boudin balls are excellent. Just returned yesterday from your beautiful city, our only regret was that Bergeron's was closed on Sunday when we drove in and since we left Thanksgiving morning, we assumed they would be closed then too. We finally had lunch at Commander's, it was definitely a great experience! We love New Orleans and try to visit at least once a year. We have had so many great dining experiences, thanks to Chowhound!

            2. Just a little FYI, I was talking to Moonie Bergeron from Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats the other day about the pistolettes. I asked about the filling because the recipes I've found didn't look right, and sooner or later I'd be going back to Mobile and would have to make my own. He said if I can make etouffee, I can make pistolettes. The only difference is a little cream of mushroom soup added to the etouffee to make it smooth enough to flow thru a round decorator tip on a pastry bag. He also said if you wanted to give the filling that reddish tint (looks more orangey to me lol) to add a tablespoon or so of tomato sauce or paste to the etouffee.