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Apr 7, 2004 06:49 PM

Voodoo Donuts

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Has anyone been to Voodoo Donuts in Portland? Is is good or over rated as so many things are? What kind of interesting things do they have?

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  1. Well, they used to have Nyquil donuts but they were forced to stop selling them.

    The amusing thing I noticed about the place the other day is that for $175 they will perform a (real, legal)wedding ceremony and provide donuts and coffee for 10. Such a deal!

    I haven't had their donuts, but someone once brought in some cute little cinnamon donuts from Carpe Donut (a downtown cart) to the office and those were pretty tasty.


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    1. re: Jill-O

      the donuts are great. the owners are nice. the employees are treated well (which matters to me.) i'm normally averse to anything so hip, but the joint's a winner. (i don't like the cereal topped donuts, but i'm sure they're popular with the unpalated, sniff!)

      1. re: whippy

        Surprisingly good donuts -- definitely worth a dessert trip after a dinner on the town. We get a bunch and split them with our babysitter when we get home. Good luck with parking, tho.

        Big hit last time was the "Voodoo Doll" -- a human-shaped jelly donut with rasberry filling and a pretzel stick through its heart. They were also playing Link Wray on their console stereo, which is fun.

    2. I just went there while visiting Portland. I'm not really a donut lover but I've never seen such beautiful and creative (ie maple bars with bacon) donuts. The chocolate covered cream filled were good-it was real chocolate-though very messy (too MUCH chocolate).
      I loved the wedding idea. They also have "Club Doughnut" with live music.
      I was hanging out outside the club next door at about 1:30 am watching all the people getting out of area clubs and walking into Voodoo. Everyone's face just lit up when the saw the donuts. I've never seen so many people leave a business so happy.

      1. Voodoo donut has some fun creative donuts and their maple crueller was good and so was the mable bar with bacon strips. I also had a triple penetration chocolate (cooco puffs with chocolate and the cooco puffs were stale. A friend had the chocolate cream and said it is very good. The only complaint I had was the staff thought they were way too cool and was annoyed that I took a few minutes to make up my mind (there were no other customers) Lighten up! Your selling donuts for Pete's sake. I would say the donuts are worth going for the creative combo more than the quality of the product though. If your searching for a good donut Top Pot in seattle is much better but doesn't have the crazy combos of Voodoo. Another suprisingly good vegan donut is made by Mighty-O donuts in Seattle- Try the french toast donut, yum

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        1. re: Nutty Squirrel

          The parking is much better now that they have the vertical-back in style spaces all along the block right in front... and the hours of operation are easier now, as well (basically open 24 hours excluding Sunday).

          Unique and inventive, Voodoo has some of the best donuts I've had---the other day we tried the Mango; not only was it pretty, it tasted great. I agree the donuts w/cereal and some other toppings seem "stale", although I'm sure they are using fresh toppings that go 'soft' after being on frosting for a while...

          ...and it's fun to go when there is a band playing up on top of that little platform in the corner!

          1. re: Nutty Squirrel

            Maple bar with bacon strips is the BEST! so thought Tony Bourdain and so do I. A brilliantly simple concept with undeniably the best flavor combination. Voodoo, I salute your genius!

          2. LOL they just reviewed VooDoo Doughnuts on the Splendid Table on NPR Saturday. Don't know if that means it's jumped the shark or not, but I still like it. I like the one with cocoa puffs sprinkled all over it.

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            1. re: anhdeluxe

              The Sterns of Roadfood fame reviewed it on Splendid Table. Don't think that rises to the level of shark-jumping by any means. They loved the maple bar with bacon.

            2. I like the dirt donut - covered in oreo cookie crumbs