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May 16, 2002 05:51 PM

Crawfish Etoufee at the Gumbo Shop

  • j

I've always been suspicious of the Gumbo Shop, (the name, the ads,) but I went with friends after JazzFest and had a splendid time. The crawfish etoufee was sublime, incredibly light sauce that was slightly sweet. I never knew 'bugs' could taste so good. Anybody have a thought on how they do that?
Also enjoyed the Gumbo Z'herbes quite alot, much more subtle than the other two.

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  1. s
    Steve Nakazono

    I had the etouffe when I was in town for the French Quarter Festival a few weeks ago. I was also very suprised. I had the red beans and rice at the Gumbo Shop's booth during the festival and the dish was quite good.(the reason I decided to have a quick dinner there) I had dined at the Gumbo Shop years before and thought it was just OK, but my last visit has changed my mind. I am wondering maybe during crawfish season the stock they make from the "fresh" shells is better = better flavored etouffe. Only a guess

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      Interesting thought. I was particularly struck by how light the sauce was and how sweet.