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May 16, 2002 05:07 PM

Chicory coffee

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I am on a search to find the best chicory coffee to make at home.

I've tried Emeril's (which says on the bag that it comes from Standard coffee) and like that one very much. Does anyone know of a source for ordering this other than Emerils website?

I've also tried Cafe DuMonde, and liked that as well.

What other brands are available that I should try? Sources for ordering would be welcome as well.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The best packaged coffee is French MArket brand. the Pure Coffee is my standard. You can order it by the case from American Coffee Company Inc, New Orleans. Their coffee and chicory is also excellent. They have a "restaurant grade" as well. Not to be confused with CDM.

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    1. most of my friends that are from new orleans drink community coffee. There is nothing fancy about it and there are a variety of roasts, but i like the new orleans blend. its really good and inexpensive and a lot of restaurants in louisiana serve community also

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        Hungry Celeste

        You can find many brands of chicory coffee, and most differ only in their coffee-to-chicory ratio. At home and at the office, Community's New Orleans blend is my preference (much more coffee than chicory). Community is roasted in Port Allen, it's a Louisiana-based, family-owned business, and Community is very philanthropic and "community" oriented (contributions to schools, etc.) They also operate a chain of "gourmet" coffee houses called CC's throughout Louisiana.

        If you like LOTS of chicory, try CDM (which is short for Cafe du Monde). You'll pay quite a bit more for the yellow, decorative, Cafe du Monde packaging sold in the French Quarter. Any NO area grocery will sell the plain yellow CDM can for lots cheaper. Also on the more chicory side is Gold Key.

        A good indicator of the coffee-to-chicory ratio is the price. More chicory = cheaper price, 'cause the chicory is far less expensive than the coffee.

        I drink coffee and chicory for breakfast as cafe au lait, made with boiled or steamed milk. If drinking afternoon coffee or serving coffee with dessert, I use Community's dark roast or Cafe Special blend.


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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I have seen a green bag of coffee called Union coffee.
          In fact, unles I am imagining tings I also saw a yellow bag as well.
          I looked all over the bag to see if it was decaf or regular....but nothing was indicated.
          What is this coffee and who makes it ???
          What does it taste like ????

          1. re: Evangeline

            I've not dealt with Union Coffee in years but I think it is made by Merchant's Coffee Company. I used to know one of the head guys there but only slightly. He was a regular customer of several restaurants and they, of course, bought from the company. In at least one case that I am sure of, it was blended into a mixture of three coffees. The green bag is with caffeine.

            1. re: Hazelhurst

              Union Coffee and Chicory is made by American Coffee Company here in New Orleans, the same people who make French Market, but the Union roast is a little darker and there is a little less chicory. Union, in my opinion, is the best of the old-style, super-dark coffee and chicory blends and is the best for really good, traditional cafe au lait. French Market (in the bag, NOT the can) and CDM (and the overpriced Cafe du Monde packaged product) are also good. However, Community's New Orleans Blend (coffee and chicory) is not a classic New Orleans blend. Community dark roast is a good coffee, but even though it is the top-selling coffee in New Orleans (must be the tourists), New Orleans Blend is pretty wimpy - it is a medium roast and not the darkest roast possible that marks a good traditional New Orleans coffee. Union is a little more difficult to find than most other New Orleans coffees, but Sav-A-Center and most independent grocers carry it and you can order it from the American Coffee Company website (link below).



              1. re: Creole

                I never knew it was American Coffee---I may be mixing it up with something like the old Yogi brand. I know you don't see it much anymore-I always got it at Langenstein's uptown.

                Community Coffee of any stripe has never been powerful enough for me. It is not at all bad coffee but I stick to the French Market--in the bag, as you say. I have even gotten several foreigners hooked on it and take bags and bags whenever I go overseas ( which, I hasten to add, is not often).

                1. re: Hazelhurst
                  Hungry Celeste

                  Okay, how are you guys making your coffee? I find that a coffee suitable for the automatic pot (like Community) doesn't work well in an old french drip pot (or a nouveau french press). I do use a darker roast when not using the coffee machine.

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    I always use a french drip pot---there are only about a dozen of us left, I think. Put the coffe pot in a pan of water. Boil your other pot f water (I then turn it to a brisk simmer) put in a tablespoon of water at a time until the coffee begins to drip through. Stop adding water. When dripping stops, add another tablespoon, And so forth.

                    If you add teh water in larger amounts the coffee will not be thick

                    1. re: Hazelhurst
                      Hungry Celeste

                      I only rarely make coffee french drip style. Do you ever put eggshells in the bottom of the pot? My grandma use to do this...she said that it "caught the coffee grounds" (clarified it). I never do this, but maybe my pot has smaller holes than hers did.

                      1. re: Hungry Celeste

                        This 'old french drip pot' I have never heard of.....guess because I am not a native.
                        I have used a french press for years and years and it seems to do the trick...more or less.
                        I'm not good at making coffee never comes out great.

                        I'm gonna have to try that Union brand, but I'll be going sparingly.....caffiene is my MAJOR enemy.
                        I love good coffee but can't drink much for that reason.

                        1. re: Evangeline

                          If Union still has too much hickory for you, feel free to add some French Market without hickory (sacrebleu!). Heck, I'd say figure out what you like, and eventually you will graduate to more hickory.

                        2. re: Hungry Celeste

                          Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we had egg shells in the pot. I've not seen that in YEARS and I do not bother with it. Some folks said it repelled "bitterness." Of course, one does use egg shells to clarify a boullion so that may be the source of the usage.

                          It is difficult to find a good drip pot these days. The old ones were heavy porcelain but newer ones are very thin. It would be no trouble at all to make a good one one but, today, no one gives a good goddamn about decent coffee (witness the explosion of certain chain)

                      2. re: Hungry Celeste

                        Coming from out in West Texas, I spend some time working on cattle ranches. As I remember it, the coffee we had out in the range was made in a pot with no drip pan. Just put the coffee in the pot and add water. After it was done, just be careful when you poured it into the cup. Every now and then, the coffee was place in a clean soak that was only used for that purpose, then soaked like a tea bag. I never paid much attention to the way it was made, but that is the way I remember it. Could I have missed something or is this a way to make coffee? Thank you.

                    2. re: Creole

                      the experts and food writers and foodies in nola brew union, e.g., tom fitzmorris. but why not try them all. you can order them all online. be sure to use warm, not boiled whole milk and sugar and brew it right.

                      1. re: Creole

                        Community was one of the first coffees to come out with an "all-purpose" grind that is just too coarse to make good strong coffee. If you want control of your coffee, buy a burr grinder (not a blade) and grind your own.

                        1. re: Big Easy

                          well i would but i am too lazy. tom fitzmorris and sarah roahen, both food writers in nola, like union brewed in a biggun pot; good enough for me when i cant get to cafe du monde. i think richard collin(new orleans underground gourmet and wife rima) did the same. "all i know is what i read in the papers." thank you so much.

                2. Hi Lisa,
                  You should visit They have a wide varity of chicory coffee and the prices are great. They're located in New Orleans, the home of great coffee and chicory.

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                      What is with the recent plague of board-searchers who are intent on dregding up posts that are ANCIENT?

                    2. re: billbrai

                      Thank you, billbrai, for that great post. I too am looking for chicory coffee and deeply appreciate the info.

                      1. re: kitchendame

                        I worked the bar at a few of the top tier restaurants in new orleans while I was a college student. Every single one of them served community coffee at the time.

                        1. re: twyst

                          Now isn't *that* interesting; thanks for the info, twyst. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Incidentally, for anyone who lives in British Columbia, Canada, the lower mainland area, you can buy Café Du Monde at T&T Supermarkets(orange can). I discovered this quite by accident only an hour or so ago when I went grocery shopping there.

                          1. re: twyst

                            cause it is easy and cheap. i love cc but if looking for the most authenic old style new orleans blend, that aint it.

                      2. French Market, Union (green bag), Luzianne. Really don't care for Community though it is cheaper.