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May 14, 2002 06:21 PM

Dim Sum at Royal China

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I'm going to Royal China for dim sum for the first time. Any can't miss things I should try? I eat almost anything.

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  1. I love the white turnip cake....sounds odd but is deeelish. shrimp toast is good. paper shrimp is good also. steamed pork bun better than baked pork bun.
    har kow...another shrimp item, very good. shu mai good also. never tried the steamed lotus leaf thing but it is rice and meat inside ...its sort of big, though

    1. I think you'll enjoy anything you try.

      I found the place to be good enough for a dim sum fix.
      As mentioned, the har gow (shrimp ball dumplings) and the shu mai (meatball dumplings) are good, though the wrapper just a little bit soggy.

      I also enjoyed the taro dumplings. Deep fried dumplings covered with shredded taro and filled with a minced pork mixture.

      One thing I wanted but they were sold out was beef chow fun.

      If you're not familiar, "fun" is wide soft rice noodles that is stir fried (chow) with beef, bean sprouts and some bok choy. If done right, the some of the noodles will have a crispy edge and some will remain soft. The bean sprouts and greens retain their crunch. Also, the noodles "absorb" the beef, soy sauce and smokiness from the wok cooking.