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May 12, 2002 05:29 PM

sunday dinner help please?

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We're spending next weekend in NO and have several reservations that sound extraordinary - Emeril's Delmonic, GW Fins and brunch at Commander's Palace. We need help planning Sunday dinner and wonder if Upperline, Mr. B's Bistro or somewhere else might fill out our binge weekend.

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  1. Mr. B's. Sounds like a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

    1. Definitely Upperline. You're already hitting one Brennan Family place (Commander's), and you're pretty much staying in the close-to-downtown realm. At Upperline, you'll not only get good food but also a good taste of Uptown. Plus, you'll be eating with mostly locals. Get the New Orleans tasting menu.

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        Since you have already booked at all of the high end places, how about trying out a new restaurant with a lot of atmosphere and great food at good prices in the Marigny?
        The restaurant is called "Aquarians" and is located on 705 Franklin, upstairs from "2601", a neighborhood bar.
        You are not likely to find many, if any tourists there, the place just opened up three months ago.
        While there you can watch the bohemian crowd mingle at Flora's cafe across the street.
        I discovered this little gem a few weeks ago and went there twice with a friend who did not have too much good to say about anything else in all of New Orleans, but she loved this place.

      2. I was in New Orleans for French Quarter Fest In April and went to Mr. B's for dinner, very good. Also went to Mother's for lunch, yummy food. And we went to Commander's Palace for dinner, which was simply wonderful. I had the house salad, which came with a wonderful dressing, and the duck special which was just fantastic. Loved it and most definately will be returning there on my next trip to New Orleans.