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May 12, 2002 03:55 PM

airport /oysters

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Thanks to whomever recommended the Harbor Seafood for oysters. Last week I found myself with some time to kill before a flight, so I looked the place up and drove over. It was great,and seemed full of normal people, not the usual tourist crowd you find at a place like Acme. Had two dozen, as well as a few other things. Next time I fly in it will be among my first stops as I leave the airport area. While it has been a while I have always liked the small oyster bar at Pascal Manales. Is it still good?

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  1. Indeed, the 'ster bar @ Pascal's is doing just fine- same procedure:buy the chip @ the bar and tip your shucker well. I'd mentioned Harbor in my earlier post- and am still pretty sure that I got it from C'hound guru Dave Feldman 2+- years back. Thanx for not mentioning how reasonable Harbor's prices are - it'd be the death of the place.........