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May 8, 2002 08:26 AM

Dinner Choices

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Two couples in New Orleans this friday for 5 nights.
This is are 3rd trip down (Love the city & the people)
Each person gets to pick 1 place for dinner,I get 2
The list...MR B's...Nola...Feelings cafe..Carmello.
Need 1 more. Someone who I know said to try K-Pauls,
Said he had a great dinner there! I never hear anything good about the place.
Whats up with that??
Thanks papae

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  1. I've never been disappointed in K-Paul's, so I'd put it on the list.
    OR...and a lot of folks may think I'm crazy...but Zea's Rotis and Brewpub in the Clearview Shop Center in Metairie. Good food and beer!

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    1. re: Shelby
      Hungry Celeste

      Zea's has tasty enough food, but it's not a fine dining establishment. The menu skips and hops through a variety of cuisines, including middle eastern/greek, pan-asian, and traditional american favorites. It's the sort of place you'd go with a group of coworkers or relatives who need their diverse appetites accomodated. I wouldn't bother making a special trip. If you lived in a town of 15,000, Zea might be the best restaurant in town, but NOT in New Orleans.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Who in their right mind would ever put Zea and K-Paul's on the same list? I'd delete Carmello's too. You need a classic such as Galatoire's, Arnaud's or Antoine's and a Susan Spicer place such as Bayona, Herbsaint or Cobalt. Mr. B's, and Nola are both great and sure to please.

    2. I have never been that impressed with Feelings, other than the distressed decor. K-Paul's is just too touristy. My choices would include Dick & Jenny's (Uptown)(no reservations, but the wait usually isn't too long), Upperline (Uptown), Marisol (edge of the Quarter)(though I have only been at lunch), Gabrielle (Midcity), Gamay (French Quarter -- same owners as Gabrielle), Brigsten's (Uptown) and Gautreau's (Uptown).

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      1. re: Tom

        Good post. Concur. Skip Feelings. Dunno about Carmelo. My choice would be Upperline.

        K'Paul's is fine. Wouldn't be my #1 pick but you ought to go there sometime.

        Just went to Herbsaint. Fabulous.

      2. The absolute best place in the French Quarter (and perhaps New Orleans and the world) is Gallatoire's on Bourbon Street. Coat and tie a must in the evening. Also very, very good are The Napoleon House on Chartres (salads and best muffuleta in town) and The Gumbo Shoppe on St. Peter (gumbo and shrimp remoulade are outstanding).