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May 6, 2002 10:13 AM

looking for good times & good (cheap) food!

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I'm traveling to New Orleans for the first time with my husband and my parents. We're a very fun loving crowd, with simple tastes in food. We're really interested in great food and a laid back atmosphere. I'd love to find a great creole / cajun restaurant and if there's live music that's even better! We will have our car, so if it's a little out of the way, that's just fine. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Also, if you want to throw in any suggestions for great live music clubs, I'd appreciate that too!

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    Isabella Maja

    For now I have to keep it short, but must recommend one thing for you & your family. The Fine Arts Center on Friday night has The James Rivers Movement as the band. He is a fabulous New Orleans musician... ever see the movie "The Bridges of Madison County" with Meryl Streep & Clint Eastwood? The scene where they go into the bar, there is a band playing and that is James Rivers Movement!
    Clint Eastwood absolutely loves James Rivers music & even brings him to L.A. for private parties. He is a fine New Orleans musician, my favorite! The show starts at 10pm.
    The Fine Arts Center is a renovated old time New Orleans movie theatre. It is a mostly locals kind of place, so it will not be packed with tons of tourists trying to get in & lined up out of the door like other more "famous" places.

    You'll love Mr Rivers and so will your parents. He plays a wide variety of music and is not to be missed! Took my inlaws to see him & loved him, my father in law even had tears in his eyes, he got so choked up over one of the songs.

    A multi talented man, James Rivers sings, plays sax, tenor sax, flute, harmonica and even jazz bagpipes. I just flipped the first time I heard him perform about 10 years ago.

    Good Luck!

    p.s. cover charge is $10 a head, sometimes less. The gumbo at fine arts center is really good, but it is more appetizers that they serve there.

    Please define what you consider cheap.... there are many good restaurants in New Orleans.... we need some idea of how much $ you are talking about.

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      Renee Daughrity

      Isabella - Thanks so much for the info! Sounds wonderful!!!

      Well - actually the big thing for us is "casual &/or fun" as opposed to "cheap." Probably nothing like Antoine's. We're good old Tennessee folks who love all kinds of music and love good home cooking!

      You're heading in the right direction with the suggestion you made about the Fine Arts Center! When we travel we want to go to the places that natives like to go. We're not big on tourist traps and love to go to the places that are undiscovered by most travelers.

      Again - thanks so very much for your input!

      1. re: Renee Daughrity
        Hungry Celeste

        Lots of inexpensive food in New Orleans. For bar-style greasy food and great live music, go to Mid-City Lanes (aka Rock-n-Bowl). See the other posts on this board for more info. Cheap places to dine in the quarter include Maspero's, the Napoleon House, Port of Call (burgers), Country Flame (lots of odd locals hang out at this place). You can also try RedFish Grill (at lunch) and many of NO's fine dining establishments in the downtown area offer lunch specials. Mother's in the CBD for poboys and plate lunches, Liborio for Cuban Food, any of the Taqueria Corona (Fulton St. downtown) locations for good tacos and burritos and margaritas. Uptown, on the streetcar route, try Camellia Grill for a classic diner experience (bring cash) or Louisiana Pizza Kitchen for wood-fired pizzas. If you're looking for a particular type of food, post a reply, and I can give you a few recommendations.