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May 6, 2002 09:45 AM

Seafood Po Boys

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I just read a recommendation on this board for oyster poboys at Franky and Johnny's. I've also read that Uglesich has good poboys. However, I can't give up some of the other items at Uglesich.

We actually had a good poboy at the Monteleon bar the last time we were in town. However, the place was a bit too nice to enjoy downhome food. It was somewhat like eating barbque in a white tablecloth restaurant.

So, any other recommendations for oyster or shrimp poboys, either close to the Quarters or along the St. Charles street car route?

Thanks much. As usual, I am getting very excited about eating in New Orleans. We have lived in numerous states. I always find the food and the people in South Louisiana to be the best.


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    Hungry Celeste

    In the Quarter: Acme Oyster House, Felix's, Johnny's PoBoys, Maspero's (don't be put off by the line, the food is cheap and reliably good), Redfish Grill (a casual, seafood member of the Brennan's empire--try the BBQ oyster poboy--fried oysters in a peppery, buttery sauce)
    CBD/Uptown/along the streetcar route: Dicharo's, Mike Serio's, Johnny's (same folks as the Quarter), Mother's, Ye Olde College Inn (not along the route, but close enough!)

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      In the best of all worlds, I would have more than 48 hours. Then I could try all of your recommendations.

      Actually, in the old days we didn't sleep when we were in New Orleans. Now, we start early and end early.

      Guess I just have to do the best I can. Thanks much.

    2. Liuzza's By the track, Liuzza's By the Track, Liuzza's By the Track. Ask for the barbecue shrimp po-boy -- it's not on the menu but always offered. The oyster po-boy coated in lemony garlicky buttery sauce there is also to die for.

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      1. re: mothgirl

        How would I get there from the Quarters? Is it relatively close?

        thanks, rlc