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May 6, 2002 12:40 AM

Rice......and 'Slap Yo Mama ' seasoning......

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OK......I need some help here with rice.
If you would, I would like to hear from the board which
rice they like to use best.

I bought several local rices grown here in LA. and I have not been happy with either of them.

One is Hank's, grown in Rayne LA. This rice is just about tasteless. I have used up HALF the bag looking for taste and there is none....I'm about to pitch it.

Next, I found a rice a Dornigacs call Ellis Stansel's
The bag says 'manufactured by Stansel Rice Co...Gueydan LA.
It comes in a cloth sack and the aroma of it KNOCKED me OUT !
When I got it home I made it immediately.....BUT !
there was not much flavor at all. The aroma is devine.....but the taste is basically nothing much.
I've been scratching my head wondering how this can smells SO GREAT !....but tastes like nothing.

Anyway.... I am NOT looking for basmati rice or jasmine rice....I don't care for the taste of THOSE with cajun food....AND....I'd like to buy local product.
DO any of you have any suggestions as to what brands taste GREAT and hold up on their own.
I'm really stumped here.

Now...Hazelhurst....I ran accross 'Slap yo mama' seasoning at Foodies Kitchen in Metairie.....
Is it worth you like the flavor???
You said it was similar to Tony's.... you like it ???
I almost bought it but I thought I should check with the board first.
If anyone else has an opinion on it....or the rice thing.... I woud love to hear it.


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  1. Have you tried any of the Konriko rices? I enjoyed their wild pecan, but that type may not be what you are looking for.


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    1. re: jen kalb

      Yes....I remember years ago trying their pecan rice and being disappointed that it did not have the flavor they were advertising.
      I noticed the other day that they now have added a pecan flavor maybe other people came to the same conclusion.
      Have you had any of their other rices???
      I saw a long grain rice of theirs that I wondered about.

      1. re: Evangeline

        I dont like the idea of the flavor packet one bit - I liked the flavor of the rice as it was, a bit nutty. Think you have to use your imagination - or throw in some pecans sauteed in butter to really get a true pecan taste in the rice, though. It all depends on your expectation.

        Since Im in NYC not local, havent tried their regular long grain, just the pecan and popcorn.

        Good luck in your search.

        1. re: jen kalb

 expectation is that the flavor of the rice should stand alone...I'll keep looking.

    2. Slap Yo Momma is OK....I have no real objection to it. I cheked Zatarain's again last week and it was the same as I recalled it to be and I would give it the nod. Of course, you can make your own stuff as you need it. A little garlic salt and red/black/white pepper plus, if you like, some onion powder. It's really quite simple. (Note that all of these things sell for a modest few bucks but that they probably cost 30 cents to make. Whenever a chef hits the big time he gets one of these products out in the market and makes a bloody fortune.

      By the way, have you checked the "COmmander's Turtle Soup" at Foodie's? It is a convenient "short-cut" but I do not think it is as good as the soup itself used to be at Commander's. You can goose it up a bit and it is a nice snack.

      It might have been an off day but I had the soup at Commander's last September and it was , well, "flat." Jamie was not there, of course, and I think the kitchen was running on a sort of auto-pilot without its guiding genius. Nothing was bad, it was just uninspired.

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      1. re: Hazlehurst

        Mmmm, Commander's Turtle Soup. I picked up a container of it last time I was at Foodie's, around late February. The next couple nights were cold, so a nice bowl of turtle soup, a glass of red wine, a roaring fire, and a movie in the VCR made for the perfect evening.

        Now it's 93 degrees in the shade, and getting hotter. :)

        1. re: Hazlehurst
          Hungry Celeste

          Well, Evangeline, all my cajun family uses Mahatma long grain rice. The flavor of the rice (if any flavor is desired) is provided by stock or other flavoring agents added to the cooking water. But, mostly they all use traditional, long grain cooked at a ratio of 1.5 parts water to 1 part rice. Among bayou cajuns in SE LA, the preferred texture for rice is fluffy, with just a little stickyness (holds onto the gravy). Most traditionalists I know dislike the "separate" texture of the converted-type parboiled rice (Uncle Ben's, etc.) I like Stansel's rice, but you're right--all aroma is lost in the cooking. I confess that I use Comet brand rice as well, mostly because of the wonderful, late 80s-mid 90s commercials featuring a jingle by the Neville brothers.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            I like a fluffy texture too....but I am just AWFUL at cooking always comes out too sticky.
            I have some Mahatma in the hasn't got much rice flavor either.
            I just happen to love the flavor of the rice and I think it adds to the dish as well.
            Just my preference.
            Thanks for your input.

            1. re: Evangeline

              How are you cooking your rice? Perhaps steaming in a collander might improve the fluffiness?

              1. re: Catherine

                I'm doing it in a pan on the stove. is the taste I am complaining about.
                I am looking for rice grown here in LA that tastes as good as it smells.
                Stensel rice was SUCH a big disappointment(sp) smelled SO wonderful but tasted like nothing when it was cooked.

          2. re: Hazlehurst

            You're gonna think I'm crazy.....but I happen to love turtles soooo much I could NEVER eat the soup.
            I had it once and thought I would die....
            I just couldn't handle the thought.

            I was raised with lots of pets.....and my box turtle was my favorite. Eating turtle soup is just not something I can do. I use to have horses as well.....never could eat horsemeat either.

            But....thanks for the tip.

            You're right....I suppose I could make my own seasoning....I may just do that.
            I still need to find Marie Sharp hot sauce......still haven't been able to track it down.

            1. re: Evangeline

              I like Marie Sharp's hot sauce, too, but mine came right from Belize. A woman that worked with my wife lived there, and when she visited, she brought me some back.