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May 3, 2002 08:03 AM

Muriels on Jackson Square

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I'm looking forward to an trip to NO later this month. It is a historical architecture course but has the dinners and lunches planned for each day. One dinner is at Muriel's...Not familiar with this one.

I will do Galatoires the night before as it has many sentimental memories for me of my childhood and times at Mardi Gras when it was a little more civilized and less of a brawl.

Our group isstaying at the Monteleone hotel and have several privately catered lunches and dinners at local patios and courtyards which should be good as the instructor is a "le bec fin".

I'd also like to try the bowling alley with the Zydeco dancing in the lanes. If this has been posted recently here, my apologies. Lil Ms F

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  1. Rock'n'Bowl is the bowling alley you're talking about, although they dance on an area separate from the lanes. They have different types of music and dancing on different nights -- you should check the schedule if it's Zydeco that you're after. See website link below. It's in the midtown area and you will need to take a cab if you don't have a car. I have not heard good reports of Muriel's, but haven't been there (mostly for that reason).


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      thanks for the reply and link to the Rock & Bowl:checked their schedule and it will work with mine.

      I'll post a write up on Muriels after our trip.

      1. re: sharon

        Muriels is a beautiful restaurant. They have an upstairs bar that is gorgeous, and a seance room upstairs that is quite interesting. Ask for a tour, they love showing the place off. The balcony seating overlooking Jackson Square is wonderful.

        Downstairs, where they do the dining is a brick walled cozy establishment.

        Now on to the food part, since you are in town for an architectal meeting, that is perhaps why you are going there. I have only been there once and it was for a private party, upstairs. The food did not do anything for me, and it was supposed to be a sampling of their best appetizers, but then again, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, hoping that things are better at dinner.

        I have not heard too many good reports, I am sorry to say, but then again, I heard they were having chef problems, having changed three chefs in three months, or something like that.

        I will have to ask my "food group" and see if anyone of them have any feedback, and let you know.


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          Hungry Celeste

          Also have heard that the food is sub-par. I spoke with a colleague who had a medium sized group dinner (30 or so) in a private room. She complained of glacially slow service and ho-hum food. You might want to scout out either a "pre" dinner on your own, or a late-night spot if the dinner disappoints. I get the feeling that Muriel's won't last, or it will become one of those tourist-only places that locals won't set foot in. Here's a link to a recent review of Muriel's.