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Apr 30, 2002 09:49 AM

Steamed vs. Grilled Oysters in New Orleans?

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I realized that the title of my prior message was not adequate. So please bear with this second version.

After years of saying they would join us on a trip to New Orleans, my brother and his wife are actually going to do it.

His only question was "can he get steamed oysters like he did in Florida?". I have had many wonderful meals of raw oysters and barbqued oysters in New Orleans.

But, steamed Oysters?

Should I just convert him to grilled? If so, what are your recommendations? We will have only one and one-half days, so would prefer to stay close to the Quarters or close to the St. Charles Street trolly line. And, for oysters, he would prefer casual rather than upscale.

I personally perfer the oysters at Uglesich. Any other highly recommended places for oysters? I looked at a couple of menus on line (Acme, etc) but saw only raw, fried, and so on.

Much thanks. I have always enjoyed this site. I often will read it for pleasure even if we are not headed to New Orleans. Looking forward to getting back.


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  1. I don't think you got a response to your last message because noone knows of a restaurant that serves steamed oysters. While I'm not sure, I doubt whether there are any given the size of the shell and the difficulty cleaning that shell. But for that matter, I have never seen any steamed mussel dishes either (most are poached in garlicy broth and white wine). Your best bet for something other than fried or raw oyters is to try the char-grill oysters at Drago's. While distant from the Quarter, its worth the trip.

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    1. re: Tom

      Thanks for your fast reply. I'll check out your recommendation.

      Also,I had read a recent review of grilled oysters in your newspaper. It was located in Metarie (?spelling). We might be able to stop there on our way out of New Orleans. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the restaurant and I can't find the review.

      Actually, we use to live in Baltimore. They had great steamed mussles and steamed crabs. Our vistors from Louisiana always found it strange that Baltimore folks steamed rather than boiled crabs.

      Thanks again.


      1. re: Robert

        I was a little taken aback by the steamed crabs in D.C. when I lived there one summer, not to mention the mallets (rather than the much more efficient nut/crab crackers).

        No doubt the article in the paper was about Drago's, the go-to place for char-grilled oysters in Metairie. I hear that they serve them on the weekends at Matt & Naddie's, which is a cab ride uptown. But I would stick with the original.

        1. re: Tom

          Actually I think the article was about Zeke's, the new kid on the block for grilled oysters.
          I've attached a link with a review.


    2. t
      The Llama Down the Street

      Trauth's in Kenner on Williams Blvd. serves steamed seafood, but I'm not sure if they have oysters.

      I'm not qualified to comment on taste, etc. I've only been there once about 10-12 years ago, I think??? at the time, I was in high school and picky about everything, so of course, I hated it. especially the mussels (too chewy)! all I remember thinking was "steamed? steamed? who would want to suck all of the flavor out of seafood?!"

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      1. re: The Llama Down the Street

        I think I'm just going to convert my brother to grilled oysters. I'll stick with the raw.

        BTW, is there a difference between grilled and barbqued oysters, other than the sauce?

        When we lived in the Baltimore area, our Louisiana vistitors also couldn't understand why locals steamed mussles or crabs. Those from Baltimore couldn't understand why the Louisiana folks boiled crabs and crawfish.

        Somehow I managed to enjoy both.

        Thanks, rlc