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Apr 22, 2002 03:50 PM

Yet ANOTHER question.......this one about oysters.......

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OK......I happen to love BBQ shrimp.....I would love to try BBQ oysters.....
I live out by the lake......can can ANYONE suggest where to find them out here???
Acme does not serve them right now....they said they will start in May.
But for now....does anyone know were to get them....and done well ????

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  1. Are you talking BBQ oysters or Char Broil oysters done over a grill?

    I have never had BBQ oysters in the sense you seem to be speaking of, (in a sauce like BBQ shrimp?)

    If you are looking for char broil oysters done on a grill, Drago's made it famous, but there are others doing it.

    I am not a fan of it, so I can't recall right now who else does it, but I am sure someone will help you out on that one.


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    1. re: Yvette

      Yes....done in a sauce like BBQ shrimp.
      Somehow it strikes me that the liquid from the oysters
      combined with the sauce would be REALLY tasty.....
      Someone, somewhere must be doing them.....
      maybeI'll get lucky and someone will be able to help me out.

      1. re: Evangeline

        Uglesich's has a barbecued oyster entree that is quite good - far superior to Pascal's Manale BBQ Shrimp, IMHO

        1. re: BB

          Great....I'll plan to give them a try ....

          1. re: Evangeline

            Maybe I've been away too long, but I thought the rule was "no oysters in months without an R." That would eliminate May...and while we are thinking food, has anyone been to Dooky Chase? Would welcome information regarding menu and safety of area, parking etc. please.

            1. re: Nolemom

              Hi Nolemom
              Please refer to my comments a bit down the page under "do we still live in New Orleans" ref 2. This is only one person's opinion, mine. Someone answered my comment with an E-mail chat acronym but I'm too stupid to know where it was positive or negative!! Anyhoo, I'll never go back there again.
              Good eating,

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                LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
                ROTFLMAO = Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Ass Off

                Check out the URL below for reference if you hit a stumper.

                Blue skies,


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                  That was me.
                  I hope you didn't think of it as some joke at your expense. Honestly, your post was one of the funniest that I've ever read on Chowhound. Largely due to the fact that (I think) you were not intending to be funny. That bit about the woman in the road...

                  Erik M.

      2. This isn't by the lake, but it'll be worth your drive: try the garlic oysters at Liuzza's by the Track -- fried oysters in a lemony garlic butter. Or,if you are thinking about charbroiled ones, Zeke's on Metairie Road is doing a good job.