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Apr 20, 2002 01:04 AM

Jonathan Gold in this Month's Gourmet

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JG recommends 25 places to eat in New Orleans. What I like about his recommendations are the wide range of options, and not just obscure places (for example, Galatoire's and Uglesich's make the cut), and a few recommendations about places I'm not familiar with.

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  1. or only in hard copy format? Eager to read it and a quick google search failed to provide it.

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      Looks like it isn't online yet. You can find gourmet at

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        Looks like they are not going to make it available on the website. The May issue contents page is posted but no link to the article.

      2. I was trying to link to it on another board and I don't think it is available.

        Most New Orleans residents who have commented on it have trashed it. Of course, they were not the intended audience.

        Wonderful photography, a Gourmet trademark, and good writing. But I'm not impressed by his recommendations.

        No Emeril restaurants, which is OK by me, but no Brennan restaurants as well, which is downright strange. Worse still, no Upperline, no Brigtsen's, no Casamento's, no Irene's, no Christian's. Say, what?

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          Dave Feldman

          I assume Gold was trying to steer readers to some non-obvious choices, and frankly I prefer most of his picks to, say, the Brennan and Lagasse restaurants, although I do have a soft spot for Mr. B's.

          He didn't frame his list as being definitive. Compared to most cities, established N.O. restaurants tend to retain their quality and consistency, so many visitors, and I'm certainly "guilty" of this, tend to revisit old faves instead of exploring new ones. So from a selfish p.o.v., I don't need Gourmet to recommend Irene's or Brigsten's, let alone Comander's Palace or NOLA.

          While I have you here, Abner, what do you like at Christian's?

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            Well, you didn't have me here because I was there! :)

            I visit about once a year and just got back. I'll refrain from offering an opinion on Christian's because I have not been there in 4 years or so. I cited it because I originally went there at the recommendation of a local, it is unique, not easily stumbled upon and has very representative NOLA food.

            List of restaurants visited last week: da Fest, da Fest, da Fest, da Fest, Drago's, Olivier's, Palace Cafe, Herbsaint, Commander's Palace and Arnaud's.