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Apr 18, 2002 02:41 PM

Back from Quaterfest(long)

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Hi Chowhounds,
Quaterfest 2002 was a big hit.Got in Thursday night with 10 friends.Went to Mr B's. and had
some Gumbo Ya-Ya to start.I dont know what they put in that Gumbo but year after year its turns out to be the best Gumbo i have in New Orleans.Followed by some Soft shell crab ,stuffed with seafood.It was awesome.I saw a earlier post about not finding good soft shell crabs in the Quater,Mr B,s did it right.Creme Brulee for dessert.followed by Big al Carson At the Funky Pirate.
Friday started with Breakfast at the Quater Scene.
Great Biscuits& gravy with eggs.Then off to the Festival.I love Jackson Sq and the Riverwalk when there full of delicious food and great music.After eating and drinkin all day went to Donna's to see the Wild Magnolias.Then i had dinner at 2am at Coops.I had the Boudin.Now i cant compare it to other places since it was my first time tryin it but i thought it was quite good.Then some Rabbit & Sausage Jambalaya that was the best i had during my trip.Saturday Breakfast at
the Clove Grill.I dont know which i prefer the eggs or the Show!Then more eating and music during Quaterfest
Had dinner at Praline Connection.Sadly i wasnt happy with the food or service.It seemed the food at the booth at Quaterfest was better.But Walter Wolfman Washington at the Maple leaf was awesome.Sunday i had
Brunch at Commanders Palace.I met Lally Brennan and she is a wonderful kind woman.I thought she was going to cry when i talked about the passing of Jamie Shannon.We had a wonderful meal.Turtle Soup,Pecan Crusted fish with Crabmeat.We ordered The Bread pudding
desert.When the desserts were brought to our table there were 3 additional desserts that were from Lally
Brennan.The food and service are always first rate and the tab came out to $45.00 a head with a 20% tip included.The Sunday brunch is the deal.Then closed out quaterfest which was wonderful.Thanks New Orleans for another wonderful Quaterfest.I made some new friends
and i cant wait till i return in October.


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  1. I finally made it to the Quarter Fest. this year ( and it won't be my last - it's a great event, not too crowded and FREE). I didn't get in until Saturday afternoon but did make Anne Savoy and the Magnolia Sisters' set at the Old Mint Zydeco stage - they were great - traditional Cajun music - everyone stopped "boogieing" and started dancing - yes there is a difference. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the food that was served at the food booths. I liked the red bean and rice from the Gumbo Shop (only needed a little Tabasco), the crawfish cakes from Scalafina (sp?)the sauce made the dish, Elizabeth's seafood gumbo and my biggest surprise was Mike Anderson's crawfish etouffe - it was really good. I was impressed with the "food safety crew" - I actually saw event staff going booth to booth with instant read thermometers checking the temperature of food being served. I did finally make it to Casamento's for some oysters - Verna, if you are watching - the old Shadetree says you are absolutely right - they serve the best oysters.

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      About the oysters ???
      Are they better than Acme ????

      1. re: Evangeline

        I'm from out in California - the oysters in New Olreans are different than back home. I think the oysters I had at Casamento's are sweeter than those I had at Acme - although I do really like Acme. I haven't had raw oysters at Uglesich yet but I hear they also serve great oysters.

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          We get down to New Orleans at least once a year. The best oysters (raw) I've ever had were at Uglesich. Next week we are going to try Dragos out in Metairie. I should try Acme again. It has been years. Also, while Mike Andersons oysters may compare to Uglesich, they are quite acceptable and very reasonable during happy hour(s)--I think 25 cents each.