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Apr 16, 2002 06:49 PM

New Orleans, late June

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I get to go to a convention (at the Ritz Carlton!) and hubby gets to tag along. I've been there many times (this will be his second trip) and have eaten at many of the better known restaurants....but this time I'm looking for anything a little out of the ordinary. (Doesn't have to be fancy...husband likes simple food...but it must be spicy). He especially likes BarBQ shrimp...where are your favorite places to eat them there? Also, he loves oysters (as do I) but remember something about not eating them in months with no R...does that apply out there? (He had oysters once in August in Las Vegas and regretted it for days......)

Thanks for your tips!


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  1. Head to either Mr. B's in the Quarter for BBQ shrimp or Pascal's Manale. Personally, I prefer Mr. B's but you won't go wrong with either.
    Acme has some of the best fried oysters around but again, you'll get lots of other suggestions.
    If y'all haven't been to Maspero's on Decatur or Mother's, then those are 2 musts as well.

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      a little place just north of the quarter called
      Feelings Cafe at 2600 Chartres. open only for dinner.
      ask to be seated in the courtyard or balcony.
      my fave kinda-off-the-beaten-path restaurant near the quarter. excellent bbq shrimp with prices moderate.
      here you won't be treated like a tourist even if you are one. about 10 blocks north of Esplanade so take
      a 5 dollar cab ride after dark.
      get there a little early and have a drink at the funky

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        For raw oysters, go out to Bozo's in Metairie or Uglisich's on Baronne St.


      2. Emeril's FQ restaurant, Nola, has a wonderful appetizer of BBQ shrimp. Sunset cocktails (in go cups from Napoleon House) on the purposefully built lookout on the pool level of the Royal Orleans gives an awesome view of the FQ and River then followed by dinner is a delightful way to spend a night.