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Apr 15, 2002 10:54 AM

Mama's Blues

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Heading out to JazzFest in a couple of weeks (and counting). There is an awesome gig at Mama's Blues on N Rampart on Sunday 5 - Henry Butler and Cory Harris. I don't know anything about this club... do they serve food? If so is it decent and what is the club like? I don't want to go to a place where there is standing room only. Any enlightment on this would be much appreaciated.


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  1. I know of nothing on N. Rampart that I, personally, would go to. Depends on what you're looking for, like everything else in life.

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      Hungry Celeste

      N. Rampart isn't nearly the awful place it was, say, 15 years ago. Mama Rosa's has reliably good pizza, although the atmosphere is nothing to write home about. If you're used to big cities, you won't be intimidated by N Rampart. If you're from small town Iowa, then you might not be comfortable there. There are a couple of music clubs in the same area of Rampart...Donna's Bar and Grill, the Funky Butt, etc. Good music, usually SRO or a few tables. This is the stretch of Rampart adjacent to Armstrong Park.

    2. Mama's Blues is above Mama Rosa's Pizzeria on Rampart.(which has excellent pizza)