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Apr 14, 2002 01:22 PM

Dunbar's - Any good? Where is it?

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I took everyone's suggestions that have been posted on this board and ate at Jacques Imo's last night and thorougly enjoyed it. Since I was down here on business I was by myself and discovered if you are a single you can beat the wait, just by snagging a seat at the bar, they'll serve you there. Even if you can't, just order up some appetizers while you are waiting and it adds to the fun. I loved the idea of a table in the bed of a pickup truck out front by the way.

While sitting at the bar I overheard a comment about a place called Dunbars that it was supposed to be very good food and cheap. Can anybody elaborate on this place?

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  1. I haven't been to Dunbar's myself, but my little brother practically lived there in high school. It's a little place off Freret on Robert?, a couple blocks from Jefferson, as I recall. All you can eat fried chicken and red beans and rice for around $5-6. The only rule: no napping.

    Supposed to be great, although I haven't allowed myself to go -- I'd leave 20 pounds heavier.

    Blue skies,

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      Hungry Celeste

      It's ON Freret. Buffet is your best bet...long-cooked, southern soul food style veggies, fried chicken, red beans & rice. Can't beat the price...

    2. Dunbar's is excellent, albeit off the beaten path. It's at 4927 Freret St. between Napoleon & Jefferson Ave. Great fried chicken, red beans & rice and other soul food items. It's inexpensive and the staff are very friendly.

      Here's a link with more information:

      Link: http://neworleans.citysearch.com/prof...