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Apr 9, 2002 03:46 PM

Last minute NOLA suggestions

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Hey NOLA 'hounds, I am in NO all week and would love to get some suggestions. I like all types of food, but this week would like to stick to places I can go to in jeans and t-shirt (i.e., Commander's Palace is out :) )

I got here last night and have so far been to St. Charles Tavern and Red Eye Grill. At the latter, I had one of the best tuna steak and fries that I have had in recent memory. I am planning to make my usual visit to Cafe Du Monde as well for some fried dough heaven. Also in my list of places to go is Acme for some oysters.

Any other suggestions??


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    Philip DePaolo

    Hi Chowhounds,
    The French Quater festival starts Friday
    through Sunday.Tons of food in Jackson Square and along the waterfront with free music.


    1. You gotta hit Mother's for breakfast. They serve lunch & dinner too; I think they stay open til the wee hours (not sure on the hours but do know they serve 3 meals). Of course muffalettas & po' boys are 'no jacket required' foods; Central Grocery carries muffs, Mother's does po' boys. I'd do a search on this board for both items as there are many places that serve them. There is also a discussion here on burgers; search on that for other casual dining spots.

      1. I'm sure you've seen all the recommendations for Jacques-Imo's -- it's our favorite place to take visitors, and jeans are dandy. Take the streetcar to Oak Street, after the streetcar turns on Carrolton, and walk about three blocks to your left.

        I had lunch at Emeril's last week and some diners were wearing jeans.

        1. In addition to the burger suggestions below, and the previous posts recommending Mother's and Jacque Imo's:

          Red Fish Grill, Iberville at Bourbon

          Dick & Jenny's, Tchoupitoulas at Jena

          Clancy's, Webster at Annunciation

          GW Fins, Bieville between Bourbon and Dauphine

          The last 3 are dinner only. Even the hoity toity spots, other than prime time, wouldn't frown too much about dining casually dressed, at a minimum at the bar.